9 days until new iPhones are announced, & I’m not even terribly excited about it. My iPhone X still feels brand new & awesome; I love it every time I pick it up. Face ID is among my favourite pieces of tech ever. Of course I’ll still order whatever is announced immediately. I am looking forward to updating my series 2 watch though.

@bondo @davewoodx True. Although I’ve been on the S bandwagon for a long time. So I skipped the iPhone 7 last time.

@bondo @diederik Oh I'm definitely buying the new phone. I normally give my wife my year old one, and I take the new one. I may give her the new one this year.
Now that I'm working at a Telco, I can get the new one as a test device anyway... :)

@bondo @diederik And make that 'new ones'. I can order one of each model for testing.... yeah, testing.... that's it...

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