What's everyone ordering tonight? Me: Black Nike 44mm watch, and a Silver iPhone Xs Max.

@davewoodx 44mm stainless, then trying something entirely new by going for the XR (yellow!), never had a Plus-sized phone before.

@bondo you’ll probably like the bigger phone. I originally got the 6+, begrudgingly. I didn’t want the big phone, but felt I had to use it for testing due to the 3x and the down scaling. Ended up loving the size and got the 6s+ the next year. Now I’ve been on the X for a year, and I’m not sure I want a big phone in my pocket, but getting the Max anyway, for testing! We’ll see how it feels after a bit.

@davewoodx Good info. I hope I’ll like it too. With the cellular Watch the need for carrying the phone around at all times should also go away.

@bondo The cellular watch will be interesting. I’ve ordered it, but I’m not sure yet that my OCD will let me leave the phone at home, ever. Will try when walking the dogs. We’ll see though.


@davewoodx No, I’m also thinking around the home, walking the dog, buying groceries, maybe shorter trips. Let’s just start there. Can’t see myself not carrying it to work.

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