@davewoodx No, I’m also thinking around the home, walking the dog, buying groceries, maybe shorter trips. Let’s just start there. Can’t see myself not carrying it to work.

@davewoodx Good info. I hope I’ll like it too. With the cellular Watch the need for carrying the phone around at all times should also go away.

@aparrish It might also have inspired Susan Kare when she designed the alert icon for MacOS back in the day.

@davewoodx 44mm stainless, then trying something entirely new by going for the XR (yellow!), never had a Plus-sized phone before.

Imagine if the cheaper, feature-poorer iPhone XR were *smaller* than iPhone XS.

@grantjbutler @pcperini The new case is 44mm wide. +4mm (+10%), and more on the height, is noticeable. I’m in doubt too.

@madewulf So much that you’d be interested in taking over Quibbler? It needs some love, hasn’t been maintained since release (Obj-C)? Stellar UI. I can send you a video of It in action if you like. appadvice.com/review/quickadvi

I use sets to signal that order doesn’t matter (and arrays to signal that it does): mastodon.social/@brentsimmons/

@danvpeterson @pcperini Between app launches that is. Not just refreshes which was implemented recently.

@davewoodx Ah yes definitely related. Funny how they also have these brown spots above their eyes. Our far-fetched theory is that they were developed to make it look like they were awake when sleeping.

@davewoodx Sweet. What kind are they? Look very much like mine, Nimbus, an English Springer Spaniel.

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