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"cats" are a closed species created by andrew lloyd webber. copyright 1981. please contact andrew lloyd webber production company for intellectual property negotiations if you wish to incorporate cats into an artistic work and/or become a cat

creative director of Pissing And Shitting Myself, looking forward to a banner year

2028: senator darksydephil accidentally shows his hog to the president while livestreaming metal gear solid 6

If you wanna keep jersey Italians happy and get rid of Columbus day just replace it with Tony soprano day

hayao miyazaki on seeing a dead body: ugh. gross. that's awful

hidetaki miyazaki on seeing a dead body: wow. i wish that was me

woke scolds surrounding my pod and shouting "sleep cryo man sleep"

we are all big antennas brother...recepters of the earths and universe energy...Its OK...I will always love you no matter who we are political....LQVE is COLORBLIND...full moon tonight...watch "Idiocracy" tonight with your wife, if you havent watched it in a while...as a favor to me...its a funny movie bro

looking at a brain chart and hootin n hollerin when the parts of the brain that light up when you have sex activate

envision an apple? fuk you. that's what i bought a computer for.

white women online, after discovering idpol: you're telling me I can excuse all my racist, classist, shithead behavior by calling someone a misogynist??

sims are saying “creampie me daddy, I’m ovulating” in simlish whenever you breed them with each other

Referring to kilometers as "kilos" purely to make all the metric-heads mad

sued for alleging prominent figure "has a tiny penis", "shits himself on the regular", and "sucks". were gonna fight this one folks

tired: pulling your pants all the way down to piss in a urinal

wired: taking your shoes off to piss in a urinal

huge office windows are a nightmare. how am I supposed to Jack off covertly at my desk under these conditions???

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