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Brooklyn weather update: the sun came out just in time to go down.

hollow knight late-game 

somehow I am still missing a boss and a combat skill...

Itonically I had heard near-universal praise of Hollow Knight and ignored it. Heard some criticism from folks whose opinions I respect and what they criticized sounded Good Actually to me so I played it.

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I've spent a lot of time with Hollow Knight this week (beat it tonight, going back in for more) and if you don't mind cartoon bugs and are OK with some challenge (platforming a bit easier than Ori and the Blind Forest; combat way easier than Salt and Sanctuary) you should spend some time with it, too.

thinking I might convert my old D70 into a full-spectrum/IR camera since it's apparently really easy to disassemble and idc if I break it at this point.

It's looking like the rain should stop for the time I'd take the trip out to the show tonight so guess I should take advantage of that!

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If I don't bail on it for sake of weather/transit, I should be seeing a live show tonight of a group of women who produce their music and SVG visuals all live in ClojureScript. Which sounds dope as hell.

-hosted bots should be back up and posting as scheduled. I left some threads hanging yesterday, sorry about that!

Annoyingly thorny problem solved.-Time to go to store, make and eat dinner, and THEN find out what new problems my "solution" has created.

CBTS dev, lategame Earthbound 

As I struggle with untangling the various nested regex escapes, my test cases are getting increasingly dark...

CBTS dev 

Attempts to support ambitious SVG templates lead to swapping out PhantomJS for a headless Chromium (mostly done) but also delving into disparities between client and server Tracery libraries re: escaping characters (punting, will revisit tomorrow)

I have (belatedly) brought @EtruscanCeramic over into the tootiverse for your memejoyment

Instead of planning out what a viable test/staging environment for CBTS would look like, I'm out here creating Enhancement issues like

lovely session with Hollow Knight each of the past two nights. Glad I didn't let it sit on the backlog indefinitely.

@12whatisthis ok if I just @ you publicly will you respond to me?

CBTS programming note: 

this has been rolled out for front-end and back-end. Waiting to see how broken replies are (again, always...) but everything else went much more smoothly than I expected!

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CBTS programming note: 

Trying to move upgrades to production: things may be broken for a bit.

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