I'm not a VS Code user, but this extension (that fades your syntax highlighting after 25 minutes, encouraging you to take a break) is pretty damn clever.


wish there was a website called do we like dot com where you put in a celebrity or public figure and it tells you if we like them

Henry Rollins has a new, four hour long online radio show. I'm only 40 minutes in, but I've already heard Chuck D, a Cramps bootleg, and the entire Minor Threat demo tape.

This is very much my shit. Maybe it's yours too.


Totally forgot about the bottled protein shake I put in the freezer ~90 minutes ago. 🥶

Another week, another stab at "No, really... I'm blogging again. Honest!"


Pretty sure I'm at my sodium quota for the week after having Top Ramen and pan fried Spam for lunch. 😬

As of today’s update, my Comment Blacklist for WordPress contains over 40,000 terms, phrases, and keywords to help keep your comment threads tidy.


I've been trying to figure out why I've been getting intermittent SSL certificate mismatch errors on my new project.

Turns out that I changed the domain from "DNS only" to "hosted" at my registrar/web host and it didn't automatically get rid of the DNS records I had there before.

Guess I ought to file a bug with support, huh?

Finally did a cowatching party (Moonstruck) with a few friends on my n.eko server tonight. Going to have to do this again soon!

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As someone who has spent years using (and lowkey grousing about) Load Impact, my lazy ass has finally got around to using their k6 interface and holy shit is it ever pretty. 😍

Ordered some coffee for the house. All over the site were warnings that shipments would take “at least 7–10 business days”, so I placed a second order with a faster vendor.

Just got tracking info for the two shipments. Both of them will be here by Monday. 😕

PROTIP: When you work from home, Casual Friday means you only have to get dressed from the waist up.

Vice dot com (a website that sends data back to Google, Facebook, and Segment, even if you don't have a Facebook account) reports that the Zoom iOS app sends data to Facebook even if you don’t have a Facebook account

One of my favorite pieces of fiction that I've read over the past few months (originally available as a Riso zine) is now available online!


Wondering if I can manage to locate the ~26 year old floppy with the HyperCard stack a few friends and I made in HS to annoy our typing teacher.

It played cricket chirps at random and we did our best to keep running it on every available machine in the computer lab.

If I can't find it, I guess I could always try my hand at recreating it for ...

Ate Little Caesars for lunch during an international toilet paper shortage.

Send prayers. 🙏🏻

This is a stressful time. CBD can help. If you need a hand, give ours a try. Grown and extracted in Oregon with love. Ships to all 50 states. Use code JAX for $5 off.

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