A string that's on one of WP Super Cache's settings screens:

"For example, if your URLs include year and you dont want to cache last year posts, it’s enough to specify the year, i.e. ’/2004/’."

Pay special attention to the mention of "last year's posts" and "2004".

Just got a notification that all of the components for my new keeb _finally_ cleared US customs and will be here tomorrow morning.

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Today's weird Amazon ad is for 100 "misprinted" ballpoint pens of the swag variety. :thonking:

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Got a DZ60, Tofu case, and Cherry MX Blue switches headed my way.

Exciting times ahead!

Wise bit of blackout poetry from my friend Austin Kleon:

I really enjoy it when the random lizards that live in our neighborhood pop up to my window screen and say hello.

I can't wait to buy a 2021 Ford Bronco in 3 or 4 years when everyone's lease is up and dealerships are lousy with them.

Replaced the pads on my headphones on Saturday and, after reading that some people have a problem with the adhesive holding, I’m lowkey afraid to take them off the stack of books I used to help said adhesive set up. 😬

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