Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. Sarah made me a replica of the onion ring wedding ring that Homer gives to Marge in "I Married Marge" with a card that read "Pour vous." 🥰

"With him is BB, or 'Bridge Baby,' a little fetus in an artificial womb that, among other things, allows him to see BTs, or 'Beached Things,' supernatural monsters from other dimensions that are rampaging in the UCA."

I feel like Webcomic Name is leaving money on the table by not selling an iMessage sticker pack.

As someone who has spent a load of time dealing with performance issues on sites with tons of users, I'm excited to see this effort from Human Made that moves user roles and user levels to a taxonomy.


Billion dollar idea: A remake of The Big Lebowski, but Madea (from all those Tyler Perry movies) instead of Walter.

Friends asked me to make a version of the shirt on black (because goth) and the black shirt on Redbubble looked like shit, so I made a nicer looking black one on Threadless.

Someone finally got around to watching last week’s Gourmet Makes.

Jeremy Renner not naming his social networking app Jeremy Ren Faire seems like a real missed opportunity.


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