As someone who has spent a load of time dealing with performance issues on sites with tons of users, I'm excited to see this effort from Human Made that moves user roles and user levels to a taxonomy.

Recommending the Plugin Performance Profiler (hasn’t been under active development for years) and W3 Total Cache (frankly, it’s just shitty) plugins in an article on preparing your store for a surge of customers seems negligent.

If wasn't the same weekend as Sarah's birthday, I'd totally be there. But that shouldn't stop you from applying to speak... 😉

Reading hosting press releases where they claim they're the fastest host without publishing any actual numbers has me like:

It's worth noting that Automattic's plans include switching the backend to .

So if you're sad that Post Formats never went anywhere, get ready for the new Gutenberg-ified Post Formats 2.0.

WordPress Developers: *complains about the minimum required version of PHP being 5.2 for so long because old PHP = bad*

Also Developers: *complains about a proposal to auto-update old versions of WordPress to 4.7.x because they have an edge case where a site needs to stay on an old version*

The `image-optimize-command` package for WP-CLI has proven to be extremely useful. Especially when you couple it with a nightly cron job.

It generates smaller, clean looking images without any dependence on third party sites and worries about API limits.

JJJ back at it with yet another clever (and, I assume, Genius inspired) plugin.

"This plugin works by inserting zero-width characters into your content when it is presented to your visitors. If someone copies your content and uses it on their own site, they will also be including the zero-width characters that are uniquely sprinkled within it."

Really been appreciating the `wp db cli` command in WP-CLI this last week.

This week on WPwatercooler we had a great conversation about Joost's decision to step down as the project's marketing lead. Watch here:

WordPress 5.2 just dropped and the minimum supported version of PHP has finally been raised to 5.6.x.

There's still a ways to go before core is on a release of PHP that's still officially supported, but I know how hard it's been for the project to get to this point. Good job devs! Keep it up!

This GitHub Action for plugin developers makes me wish I hadn't slept on signing up for the GitHub Actions beta.

I understand that the project wants to (and needs to) keep pushing forward, but it's interesting that the 5.0.x branch only gets 2.5 months to be in the wild before being replaced by 5.1 on February 21st.

Doing my best to stay true to my word. Now that 5.0.x has had a bugfix release — last week's security release doesn't count — I've upgraded all of my sites.

Managed to whitescreen my personal site while upgrading from 4.9.9 to 5.0.2.

Turns out that it was a plugin problem (and not a core problem) but holy shit did I get irrationally spicy about it for a minute...

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