I needed to pull down the entire Plugin Repo (for reasons) and Jaquith's bulk downloader appears to be in a state of disrepair.

Fortunately, I did a little digging on WP Slack and found a link to this useful, Go based, CLI utility:


"Running a CDN is expensive, and if you’re not paying for it then you are the product."

Says the man who owns the company responsible for the free Jetpack CDN... 😒


Considering making the switch from Fathom to Plausible after the new version of Fathom's official plugin (3.0) dropped support for self-hosted installs.

Given my traffic, I'll be paying a bit more for Plausible. But, honestly, I'd much rather support folks who I feel wouldn't up and pull the rug out from under their users like Fathom has.

Made a simple plugin out of the code that prevents Noto from loading from Google Fonts when using the block editor in .

It's up on if you're interested...


Iceberg, a editor for , seems like a great solution for block editor haters that just want to write posts without fiddling with a bunch of bullshit. ❤️


Fellow nerds: I'm starting to work on a project that involves highlighting weird and fun WP plugins.

If you have a favorite that you'd like to share, take a few seconds and let me know about it!


Hooboy... Just found a plugin that creates at least two transients for every 👏🏻 single 👏🏻 visitor 👏🏻 on the off chance that they _might_ want to create a wishlist without logging in. 🙄

Maybe that's fine for a small site, but that shit *does not scale*.

I've been attempting to try new things — and 's Markdown support is mighty enticing — but if I can't find anything over the next few days, I'll just keep using .

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Did another episode of our developer focused show/podcast "Dev Branch" this morning.

This month, we tried our best to make a coherent 30 minute episode out of bullshitting about static WP sites. I realize I'm biased, but I think we did a pretty good job.


How did I do it? Well, the theme (Susty) does a lot of the heavy lifting by itself. Thanks again to @jacklenox for creating it!

Getting rid of the plugin Jetpack — I know 😞 — also made a *huge* impact.

I was using Jetpack for contact forms, their CDN, and stats. I have replaced all three pieces of functionality with absolutely nothing.

Why? Well, the contact form only ever brought me junk, I currently have minimal static resources, and possess no urgent desire to track my visitors.

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Theme & plugin auto-updates, that is.

I predict that people will pitch a fit about adding this to core, but I have more than a few sites auto-updating plugins, themes, *and* core already (5+ years in some cases) and have only had one site whitescreen on me.

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uspol, wordpress 

"Conservatives within our community often feel like they have no voice. The article and the subsequent discussions taking place on social media help drive home that feeling."

Boo fucking hoo. Conservatives have been working overtime to disenfranchise all sorts of people for decades. Now they don't feel like they have a voice in the community and I'm supposed to give a shit?

Well, I don't. 🤷🏻‍♂️


This week on , we're talking about Google's recent involvement in core development.

Join us live (at 11am PST) or watch whenever.


Jorbin says MAGA hats have no place at WordCamps, and I completely agree.

"There is nothing considerate, respectful, or collaborative about a symbol of hate. A symbol meant to divide."

"We, the WordPress community, wouldn’t be ok with someone walking in to a WordCamp with a swastika, why should we be ok with someone wearing a Make America Great Again hat?"


You can bet that the reception to this, and how it ultimately shakes out, will be a trial balloon for whatever's coming in All in One SEO.

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No schadenfreude here. But I do question the decision of gutting a bunch of the functionality out of an established plugin with a million plus users to push a new SaaS product.

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