Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. Sarah made me a replica of the onion ring wedding ring that Homer gives to Marge in "I Married Marge" with a card that read "Pour vous." 🥰

Pretty proud of the lunch that I scrounged up from this weekend's game night leftovers:

- Grilled brie and peach jam sandwich.
- Potato chips and caramelized onion dip.
- Sliced apples.

After patiently waiting for ~4 years — to the point where I kinda forgot about it 😂 — I finally have an account on!

Today is brought to you by Petra tart cherry mints and Harry Nilsson's "Jump Into The Fire" on repeat.

"With him is BB, or 'Bridge Baby,' a little fetus in an artificial womb that, among other things, allows him to see BTs, or 'Beached Things,' supernatural monsters from other dimensions that are rampaging in the UCA."

I'm not about to run out and buy a PS4 or anything, but Death Stranding sounds absolutely bonkers.

"Sam is given a simple mission: deliver four aid packages from Knot City to Port Knot City. The aid packages contain four supplies that are considered crucial in this world: food, medicine, anti-BT weapons, and 'sperm and eggs.'"

I feel like Webcomic Name is leaving money on the table by not selling an iMessage sticker pack.

just donated $5 to Wikipedia so I'm basically a hero, please think of me next time you look something up

Now that Matty’s launching a new cooking show on YouTube, the only thing I’ll probably watch on Viceland is “Always Sunny” reruns.

I mean, what's 36.4 GB of HD space between friends? 😉

Even if you aren't looking for ROMs right now, it might be a good idea to grab them before the lawyers show up with their bullshit nastygrams and make these great old games even harder to find.

I guess Nintendo is going around shutting down ROM download sites again. 😕

If you ever find yourself looking for ROMs, the No-Intro collection is high quality, and continues to be available over on the Internet Archive:

As someone who has spent a load of time dealing with performance issues on sites with tons of users, I'm excited to see this effort from Human Made that moves user roles and user levels to a taxonomy.


Billion dollar idea: A remake of The Big Lebowski, but Madea (from all those Tyler Perry movies) instead of Walter.

‪At this point, the best remaining thing about capitalism is that it’s flammable.‬

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