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“remember what the dodgers did to chavez ravine to get their stadium?”

the dodgers: we’re los doyers

Trying very hard to not buy another copy of Dead Cells now that it's out for iOS.

Pushing the Dash Buttons in my house one last time before Jeff Bezos shuts them off.

Someone finally got around to watching last week’s Gourmet Makes.

Jeremy Renner not naming his social networking app Jeremy Ren Faire seems like a real missed opportunity.


Recommending the Plugin Performance Profiler (hasn’t been under active development for years) and W3 Total Cache (frankly, it’s just shitty) plugins in an article on preparing your store for a surge of customers seems negligent.

ATTN: Nobody appears to have registered the domain `` yet.

Imma put my horse in this Nissan Rogue
Gonna drive til I can’t no more

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