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PG&E told me that they may shut our power off *multiple* times and hasn't yet.

Conversely, Spectrum didn't say shit, took down our TV and Internet, and dished me off to a recorded message citing "planned maintenance" with no estimated resolution time when I called for support.


Was this fortune written with predictive text or is it just a bad translation?

Me when I'm in bed: I just want to sleep for a thousand years I do NOT want to get up

Me when I'm awake: Sleeping sucks I do not want to sleep let me be online more

Hitachi 6ix9ine: A Magic Wand that texts your mom every time you use it.

Seeing as how my personal MBP was hung at the "Setting up your Mac" screen for a few hours after upgrading to this morning — a very scary reboot cleared it up — I think I'm going to hold off on updating any other machines for a minute.

n8n looks like a really nice, self-hosted, open source Zapier alternative.

Fedi generation poll, boost for maximimun demographic analysis

I'm not the only one thinking of the Descendents while upgrading their machines to today, right?

I'll steal some gas, fix my motor
Upgrade macOS
And get you out of my head

It's still a good podcast — and makes me laugh uncontrollably on the regular — but I'm trying to not stick with things (podcasts, shows, books, etc.) when they aren't doing it for me anymore.

Kind of bummed to give up on "Hello from the Magic Tavern", but it's gone from my second listen on Monday morning to constantly dragged to the bottom of my Everything playlist in Overcast whenever something new shows up.

I wonder if the revenue from the single ad that I have on Hipster Ipsum will go up now that Safari and Chrome have neutered ad blockers. :thonking:

Something to keep an eye on.

This is the first time I've gotten a reCAPTCHA where the images were extremely grainy and noisy. Guess we're training Google's AI on shitty pictures now.

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