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I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I liked the better when it was called the Pontiac Aztek.

That thing where you really want to talk shit about a WooCommerce plugin, but the plugin was made by a friend, so you decide to vaguetoot it instead...

Got asked to look at a slow site with a bloaty database this morning and found a (no longer used) five site Multisite install hanging around.

Pruning those old tables should make their db less than a quarter of its current size. Getting rid of additional orphaned data (of which there is a ton) in the actual site tables will make the db smaller *and* more performant.

I set up Homebridge on a Raspberry Pi last night. Now that I've got all of our smart home stuff added to it, I get why HomeKit stans have a tendency to be so evangelical about it.

Mr. Robot, S04E07 

Oh, wait a minute... If I hit the "Aa" button at the right of the text box, the formatting bar goes away.

Fuck it. We good now.

Honestly, I don't hate it. But I'm definitely not used to seeing the new UI just yet.

Mostly it feels like I've cmd+tabbed to the wrong program. I'll get over it though.

Just rebooted my laptop and appears to have put a formatting toolbar in my message window.




Sarah's grandpa keeps calling our electronic tube lady "Esther". 😄

TBH, I like that more than Alexa.

This modification of Apple's SF Mono is mainly useful for a very specific kind of nerd, but I’m going to leave it here anyway...

Take a few moments and think about the apps on your phone. Can you delete any of them?

Oooooh... The new The Designers Republic site is minimal af, but I'm very much here for it.

(It appears to be using under the hood. That just makes me love it even more.)

OH: “Cali is just Florida with weed and seals instead of meth and gators.”

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