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I feel like is (sadly) too full of conservative assholes for free public transit to fly, but I'd love to see it.

“Transportation should be free. It’s a basic need. It’s not a luxury.”

"While there are numerous strategies to reduce the perceived lag of loading visual assets, at the end of the day, not having as many of them will always be faster."

"The EV certificate significantly increases the time it takes to secure the connection between browser and server and therefore extends how long users stare at a blank screen, waiting for the page to start rendering." :thonking:

Me, having to empty out our bagless vacuum while the very same breeze is blowing:

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looking for history writers 

Q: Who has an Atomic Discombobulator and two tickets to a meet & greet with John Waters?

A: This guy!

Hey, fellow neckbeards! We're doing a new kind of show on WPwatercooler this week: Dev Branch.

Should you decide to check it out, you're in for half an hour of developer focused discussion. And we're going to do it again next month too!

Join us, won't you?

OH: "I am told that all software is headless now. Which means it used to have at least one head. When did we decapitate software? We could have been decapitating developers."

I know there are people who have worked very hard on AIOSEO over the years. Nobody can take their accomplishments away from them.

Still, I have a feeling that this ultimately won't be worth the (very full) set of baggage that Awesome Motive just inherited.

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TBH, Syed should've just funded the development of his own SEO plugin.

I understand the appeal of a 2 million user install base, but AIOSEO is garbage.

What are your favourite examples of websites or services that aren't Facebook/Google/etc, that do good in the world, and couldn't exist without an open Internet? (Assuming we've got the big names like the Internet Archive, Wikipedia, etc)

I woke up this morning and it was 29° F and I live in California. So, like, nah.

As someone who lives in an area with routinely crappy air quality, I think this DIY air purifier is a pretty great little project.

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