The previously Kickstarted "Droyne Coyns" are finally shipping out worldwide, and we just received ours! We can't wait to divine the secrets of the Ancients in our next game. Congrats to @allisonchains and crew for reaching the final stretch! Definitely looking forward to future projects from you all.

We'll be at with Squid Pro Quo on Friday (4/20) and Saturday (4/21)!

It's being put on by the Astronomy Department at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. It's going to be packed full of all sorts of family friendly entertainment, like an arcade, boardgaming room, scavenger hunt, costume contest, and more!

For more information:

Friday (4/21/2018) --

Saturday (4/21/2018) --

We hope to see everyone there! :)

We'll be sharing a table with Squid Pro Quo this Saturday at Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret! Come check us out, as well as all the other vendors. There will be plenty of entertainment, too! Everything from bellydancing and burlesque, to DJs and live bands!


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