Decided to switch the laptop that I use for writing to a fully command-line environment (no GUI) and it's been great so far <3. Working on the command-line is a huge productivity booster. Getting rid of the UI is an even bigger one. Some things take time getting used to, but I was able to get used to it in a day or two and it's totally worth it.

Thread for sharing more info about my setup.


I installed newest Ubuntu without a GUI using this page
Installation is extremely user-friendly, you just choose "Command Line install" from the menu and go through the wizard, which guides you through wi-fi, keyboard input, users etc.

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@borko Interesting, you wrote "for writing" so basically you use the system as a typewriter? :D
But for people who are not familiar with cli it would already impose a problem to shutdown the system.

@samurro Yeah, I am definitely not a setup for someone who is absolutely clueless, but there are many people (virtually all programmers) who are using some terminals but didn't have the courage to go full CLI. Otherwise for poweroff - the button works

@borko That was just an example. ;)
Most people use their computers anyway for browsing and some text editing. But for the former a only cli approach is very hard as of now.

@samurro it all depends on what do you want to do on the machine. I appreciate the CLI approach because it stops me from wasting my time while it still allows me to check some stuff here and there if I really need to. Nowadays, there is a need for such stuff, there are even many text editors that are dubbed "distraction free" (full screen, not many buttons etc.)

@borko I totally get that and as I grow older I totally sympathize with the idea. I really adore the way cmdline programs declutter your screen. Also they dont "change" as much and you are not required to use the mouse for them.

For me personally its not possible as a standalone computer to go cmdline only.

#minimalism #cmdline #cli #foss

@samurro Yes, obviously cli apps are not nearly as developed as UI apps, which is a shame as if you think about it cli apps could be what webapps are now - stuff that can run on any machine anywhere

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