Decided to switch the laptop that I use for writing to a fully command-line environment (no GUI) and it's been great so far <3. Working on the command-line is a huge productivity booster. Getting rid of the UI is an even bigger one. Some things take time getting used to, but I was able to get used to it in a day or two and it's totally worth it.

Thread for sharing more info about my setup.

For multitasking, I use unix job control I run one "main" program which I suspend to run something else and then get back to it. Here is how I use it:

1 Fire vim and start editing a file e.g. with "vim"

2 Suspend (minimize) vim with Ctrl + Z

3 Run the other script e.g. open Lynx to check some word definition which I do with "dd word" (check the custom scripts).

4 Close Lynx when you are done with Ctrl + C

5 Go back to vim with "fg"


If you have more than two things running at a time it's slightly more complicated because you have to do "jobs" and then "fg 1", "fg 2" etc.

I'd maybe use virtual consoles in this case (in the same way that I always keep two apps per environment/desktop when I use GUI, so I can circle all with Alt + Tab

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Did you try screen, tmux or at least multiple ttys?

@landel I use tmux for work regularly, but I don't need it for my writing setup.

@landel Right now I am writing a novel:

Otherwise I have written many different things - articles, essays tutorials etc., check here:

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