People who tell computers how to behave, what would you rather be called?

(I can only put 4 choices, write-ins encouraged in replies, "hacker" is another term I would have liked to include.)

Myself, I'm mostly a code janitor. I clean up other people's code mess.

@faoluin Being a janitor is not a bad thing at all, it's a noble and necessary profession and I thank the likes of @bunny_jane for their dedication to it.

Should be better paid, though.


@JordiGH @faoluin @bunny_jane Aren't all pro-coders janitors? They only call us when the kids have made such a mess in their room that the door won't open.

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@borko @faoluin @bunny_jane I feel like pro-coders are building giant space robots or something while I'm just trying to get two computers to stop fighting with each other, play nice, and be on speaking terms once again.

@JordiGH @faoluin procoders are working hard at creating procedurally generated oders.

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