Decided to switch the laptop that I use for writing to a fully command-line environment (no GUI) and it's been great so far <3. Working on the command-line is a huge productivity booster. Getting rid of the UI is an even bigger one. Some things take time getting used to, but I was able to get used to it in a day or two and it's totally worth it.

Thread for sharing more info about my setup.

Source is easily visible if you inspect the page and is amazingly small ~20 LOC

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My thoughts about what’s wrong with the Information Age, nearly summarized in a savage’s reaction to seeing a map for the first time. From McLuhan 1964 @OCRbot

Marshall McLuhan’s book from 1964 remains one of the deepest piece of analysis of the way technology affects us. And some of the things he says are yet to be realized by the general public @OCRbot

On an unrelated note, checkout the custom longboard design that I made for myself (sprays and stencils)

The difference between dreams and real life is that real life is *longer*
Loving ‘s book
And yeah, back to reading @OCRbot

What got me about Kierkegaard at the beginning was that he has material for (I have to write a blog post with all of those sometime)


In order to avoid knee injuries while sitting in half-lotus, remember that the bending of the leg should come from the hip joints (which are designed to move and twist in all directions) and not from the knees (which are designed to move in only one direction).
- Stretch before you begin.
- Never pull your leg towards yourself
- Enter with your leg from the outside of your body.
- Do not attempt full lotus before you are well-versed in half-lotus.

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Also, from Dogen's essays. The concept of a "myriad of things" is very similar to Kant's concept of the "manifold of sensibility", essentially
both are trying to highlight the novel, flux-like aspect of reality, the fact that the concept of objects are subjective (no pun intended). It would be a really cool plot twist if it turned out that Kant had read Dogen (very highly unlikely in real life).


It is true that this selection of essays from master Dogen contains just one joke, but the good news is that the joke is worth it:


From this book I also learned about that poor guy who got Wittgenstein to be his PHD advisor. @OCRbot

Probably the greatest of all was the one between Ludwig and Carl Popper when Wittgenstein was emphasizing his argument using a flamed piece of wood. So epic that no one is exactly sure what had happened (and that there is a whole book about it).

Finally got around to adding some depth to the background of this It turned out great, although I did not bother to make a draft.

In other news, working on linocuts outside at the summer is cool - the heat makes the material very easy to carve.

Love the timelessness: two presocratic philosophers, both referenced in a modern scientific book, on the same page and for different reasons

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