@yogthos e.g. a scientist cannot say "I don't know when will stuff go wrong, so let's throw all our resources at trying to fix it." Meanwhile, a politician can say that (and that's all he needs to say to get the resources allocated...

@yogthos Seems like the climate scientist are a victims of the same phenomenon that I find myself when I, as an engineer feel that I suffer when I talk with my boss - an "expert" has to be much more thorough in their argumentation than a leader (e.g. politician), so they therefore have much less say over any decision, even one that directly concerns their specialization.

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@JordiGH @faoluin @bunny_jane Aren't all pro-coders janitors? They only call us when the kids have made such a mess in their room that the door won't open.

For a few years, I have been working on this weird book/collection of articles about time and causality and I am still not sure if anyone would make something out of it. Check it out (and give me some feedback please). Boosts will be appreciated too.


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poem about attraction, might be pretty bad 

Attraction is a question mark
And a big one at that
I cannot understand it
Which does make me quite mad

Attraction is a question mark
And I might just be off
What does it even feel like
I think it’s very soft

Attraction is a question mark
And I would like to think
That I just care 'bout people
Not that gender thing

Attraction is a question mark
And I do not trust men
I like some select ones though
There I call myself a fan

Attraction is a question mark
But that is not the end
It can be very great as well
And you might make a friend

One more exercise - implementing insertion sort in JS. A fun algorithm, hard mainly due to the many possibilities for off-by-one errors:


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Look how different philosophers are from one another:

Wittgenstein's last words (upon hearing that friends are coming to visit him): "Tell them I've had a wonderful life”

Kierkegaard's were "My life is a great, to others unknown and incomprehensible suffering."

Seems that Wittgenstein and Kierkegaard are the modern version of the laughing and the crying philosopher.

@bolsunovskyi vim. see the whole thread for more details by clicking on the first toot.

Types of code comments by how useful they are:

3 Comments that literary describe what the code does: // Check if the user has 18 years

2 Comments that summarize the way a given function is intended to be used // Checks if the user is eligible for an account and throws an error if they aren't

1 Comments that make fun of colleagues and their mess ups: // Bill is a complete idiot that indexes in his objects start with 0 other than one, so we have to check for this here every time

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