One quote for context:

"Woman must live in a world where she feels everything but cannot be any- thing. [..] In her consciousness, in her attention she helps him live his life purely in himself, but underneath, from the dark depths of her sex she will lure him onto paths which lead him to ruin."

Where do such bullshit ideas come from?

Never read anything like this.

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So, if you chose to read it, don't take "Life art and mysticism seriously" It has some good ideas, but also some misguided ones, the author thinks too highly of himself, and that is why he makes basic philosophical mistakes. Also, the way he forces his opinions of women makes me think that he lacks admiration. Not my point to bash him the book is good, but there are some equally nice books out there that are not written by misogynists.

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Although I am male myself I have been a victim of misogyny in school for being too feminine, and when I look back toward the people who did it, I realize that it wasn't their fault specifically, but the fault of the worldview that puts masculine traits on a pedestal. The people who promote that view are to blame, whether it's for profit, due to stupidity, or just because it is easy.

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I feel kinda bad that this philosophical book that I shared ("Life, Art, and Mysticism") contained some sexist statements in the later chapters which I haven't read when I shared it (chapter 6).

This is the first time that has happened with an author I admire.

Work is very old (100 years) and he isn't hateful towards women, he just deemed them different from men, but it's still distressing.

Also, aside from @TQ being awesome, and aside from me wanting to kill capitalism, buying art (as well as anything else) directly from creators has been the best ever, much more pleasant and fulfilling than any regular shopping experience.

@he_xie Jekyll / GitHub pages is a good option if you want something customizable - you upload your posts as files in a server and the engine takes care of the rest

@cellfourteen If it doen't use Times New Roman it's too fancy for me :)

Today's read, turns out the mathematician Brouwer (topology, intuitionistic logic) had written a philosophical lament about society in his 20s, seems interesting

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@communeva sorry if intruding, btw (just read that toot about the unsolicited advice)

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@communeva Try to have fun at work, if possible. And *always* prioritize well being over work.

Today in or : The dispute between Browler and Hilbert over the validity of the law of excluded middle in logic:

@alexlaw Thanks for the summary. For the alt-right - it makes sense, claiming that something comes from science and so it's objective and indisputable is and old nazi trick.

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