It's been one year since I last used Mastodon and pondering a potential comeback. Abandoning Twitter seems impossible, but I'm committed to continue scaling back my use of it. At the same time, I'm considering starting a personal newsletter as a different vehicle to keep folks up to date with my work. What do you think?

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Also, have a look at, like infosec Twitter but without the drama ;)

@ciaby Is it possible to just open the timeline of a specific Mastodon node?

Good question... If you go on the home page you a get glimpse of what's inside. On Pleroma instances you can actually see the whole timeline. Easiest thing is to make an account there and check the local timeline.
On mobile, have a look at Mastalab, it supports multiple users / identities :)

Great! I'd love it if your newsletter were accessible over HTTPS (over Tor, obviously) and had an RSS feed too.

@ln4711 Fair. I've been using Mailtain, for a self-hosted PGP-enabled newsletter. I don't remember it providing archives though.

@botherder we have civilised and interesting discussions here, quite amazing, please stay :)

I'd prefer a blog with RSS feed. Some blogs allow to send newsletter-like mails for new posts. Maybe you can have a blog plus newsletter with such a thing. :)

@qbi I do have a blog in fact, it's at but I'd like to keep that only for commentary, rather than random updates.

@botherder Abandoning Twitter is entirely possible once you stop caring :hotboi:

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