We are all aggregating on one Mastodon instance. I hope we'll be able to migrate accounts.

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@botherder wonder if @munin's instance is up and we can connect via that yet? Munin?

@claushoumann it is but it's not open yet, and it's gonna be a problem for now. Have been discussing this all night. Currently anything Mastodon-based doesn't handle federation right in almost all cases. But somebody will get most of this fixed in the next few weeks @munin @botherder

@botherder @claushoumann Though I've sinkholed the reg page for now until I figure out qualifications and such.

@botherder I don't think you can migrate accounts because your identity is tied to the instance you're on. However, you can export your follower list and then import it into a new instance. It's quite frustrating that OStatus doesn't have something like Matrix's identity servers.

@botherder Why are you complaining? You are on the OG instance, lucky!

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