Reminder about my personal newsletter, where I write somewhat regularly about this type of stuff:

I just wrote some more considerations on challenges with phishing and account security.

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Yesterday we published a report about a large campaign of phishing attacks targeting 100s in MENA. The attackers setup a system with Selenium e Chromedriver to automate the malicious login procedure and bypass 2FA. More details here:

@e_edgren It only supports a handful of languages at the moment.

@rugk I’m not familiar with this Invidious. I’ll look into it, thanks.

@rugk Facebook to DuckDuckGo searches about its scandals, Twitter to Mastodon and YouTube to nothing currently. I’m open to suggestions to make it more functional.

In my latest newsletter I write on the recent events and discoveries surrounding the infamous Israeli surveillance company NSO Group. You can subscribe to it here:

I released a new version of my Firefox extension that will forcefully redirect you away from privacy erosive services to better alternatives. It started as a joke, but I end up actually using it.

When I want to look up a place, I instinctively and mechanically start typing "maps.googl...". This extension will instead take me to OpenStreetMaps. It will also functionally translate Google Search links to DuckDuckGo and Google Translate links to Deepl.

What do you guys use to cross-post on Twitter?

In an attempt to further disconnect from social media, I decided to start curating a personal newsletter where to aggregate thoughts on technology, privacy and surveillance and share material and updates on my projects. You can subscribe here:

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Yes, Electron sounds like a security nightmare (besides turning even tiny utilities into big bloatware), but writing native GUIs is so frustrating that I can't blame those going for it.

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@qbi I do have a blog in fact, it's at but I'd like to keep that only for commentary, rather than random updates.

@ln4711 Fair. I've been using Mailtain, for a self-hosted PGP-enabled newsletter. I don't remember it providing archives though.

@ciaby Is it possible to just open the timeline of a specific Mastodon node?

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