SOPHOS is discontinuing some products, including . Now it's time to look for alternatives. German encryption provider Boxcryptor is a good choice for all companies that want to encrypt data in the and .

Für das haben wir hier eine Sammlung an Empfehlungen vom Boxcryptor-Team zum Thema auf Deutsch. 🎙🔒

WE LOVE und sind am 25. & 26. September wieder mit dabei.

Am Freitag ab 15:15 Uhr begrüßt Euch Christian live auf der Bühne. Er gibt u. a. Einblicke in die Durchführung des Audits durch das Sicherheitsunternehmen Kudelski Security.

Am Samstag (genaue Uhrzeit wird auf dem Barcamp bekanntgegeben) eröffnet Katharina eine Diskussionsrunde mit dem Thema: Videokonferenzen, Chats und Kommentarfunktionen. Wieviel Digitalisierung verträgt unsere Kommunikation?

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Es gibt keine Hintertüren in Verschlüsselung, die nur den „Guten“ nützen. Besorgniserregend: EU-Diskussionspapier stellt Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung als eine Art Privatsphären-Extremposition dar

Check out our latest blog post about the Boxcryptor Community. In this forum, all users of Boxcryptor Free find help and support.

Users of Microsoft and many other cloud providers can their data with Boxcryptor.
Inform yourself on our website, about how to ensure data security in your OneDrive.

Have you heard of the US EARN IT Act? What would be the consequences of the law if it actually comes into force?

We provide an analysis of the and explain strategy and impact.

Camera upload, 2FA, Offline files, and more — we think it is time to give you a complete overview of the numerous functions that are available in Boxcryptor to protect your data and for a user-friendly handling.

The differences between , , , , , and other storage services are often small — we introduce the most popular cloud providers for private use and explain what you need to be aware of when it comes to privacy.

In order to address the economic impact of the corona crisis in Germany, VAT will be reduced July to December 2020. We at Boxcryptor will sum up and donate the difference amount. Today, we transferred €2.000 to Stiftung Bildung.

Private key, public key, and key export... Confused? Don't worry. We explain everything you need to know about key management at Boxcryptor.

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@mobilsicher Das machen übrigens die beiden großen Kreditkartenanbieter (Mastercard und VISA) ebenfalls ungefragt und nur mit "opt-out" an Stelle von "opt-in":

Der "opt-out" gilt auch "nur" für 5 Jahre oder solange, bis sich die Nummer der Kreditkarte ändert (maximal 5 Jahre gültig), d.h. jedes Mal wenn man eine neue Karte bekommt muss man eine dieser beiden URLs nutzen, um den "opt-out" wieder zu aktivieren:

We have calculated, compared and made diagrams. Now we can finally present the results of our second customer survey 💥
Many thanks to all who took the time to answer our questions. Your statements help us to further develop Boxcryptor.

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Wie richte ich ein #iPhone sicher und #privatsphäre|freundlich ein? Welche Schritte im Einrichtungsprozess sind essentiell, was könnt ihr später erledigen? Der zweite Teil von "mobil & safe", unserer gemeinsamen Videoreihe mit @klicksafe:

💥Today, we released Boxcryptor for Microsoft Teams. You can now protect your sensitive data in Microsoft Teams using end-to-end encryption by Boxcryptor. Please check out our article for all the details around our new product.
is a new and comprehensive software. We are proud to present it in such extraordinary times. The performance of the entire Boxcryptor team while working from home and dealing with contact restrictions was phenomenal 💚

Aliens 👽, Meteors ☄️, and Sharknados 🦈🌪 are probably not a real risk for . Contrary to and . We show you how to prevent the greatest risk for your personal or business data.

Our security experts have taken a closer look at the German .
The result: Good ! The app delivers on its promise.

Read our whole statement on our blog.

Remember we recently introduced the EARN IT Act bill? The fight against the ban on end-to-end encryption is not yet lost. Please consider signing this petition against the EARN IT Act.

Boxcryptor audit 💥
We are proud to announce that Kudelski Security just finished a security audit of the Boxcryptor source code. We are very happy with the result and provide you the full report on our blog.

The might change the US cloud landscape. If you are thinking about switching providers, we can help you out with some German alternatives.

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