Hannah, the main character in our latest post, is just discovering . 🔐
How about you: When you look at your and your , where is the first place you come across encryption?


Boxcryptor unmasked? 😉
We explain exactly how we keep your data secure — in your , in
and many others.
Discover our :

Do you use the ? Did you know that there are multiple regulations to consider, when you want to evaluate your cloud provider? Read our new blog article for more details


Cloudsicherheit aufpeppen? Investieren Sie mit dem Digitalbonus in Ihre Zukunft!

Sichern Sie sich bis zu 10.000 € für die Sicherheit Ihrer !


🔐 Encryption with Boxcryptor:

In our video, we show you step by step how easy it is to encrypt your data with Boxcryptor on .

To watch the video, follow this link :

🔐 Encrypt with Boxcryptor:

In our video we show you step by step how easy it is to encrypt your data with Boxcryptor.

For the video, follow this link ⬇️:

Chinese characters in your cloud storage? This indicates active folder and filename with Boxcryptor. 🕵️‍♀️

Learn in our latest article what it is good for and how to activate it—including a step-by-step video instruction!


Encryption “Made in Germany” — Highest security for your files in the . Download Boxcryptor for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, as a portable version, or for Microsoft Teams. For personal use, it's for free.


Hello, Boxcryptor for ! Our new app for and is here - and a lot has changed. 🎉
Plus, we now support Security Keys and .
Read more about this exciting news:

The EU is currently negotiating , a regulation (or policy) that will expand the powers for cross-border law enforcement within EU member states. E-Evidence focuses on storage and email provider.
Learn more in our latest blog post.

We will be at the virtual Data Security & Privacy Event from Cyber Security Observatory on March 16 and 17. Our colleague Elizabeth gives a presentation on March 16 on the topic of “How-to: protect your sensitive files with encryption while working remotely”. She will also speak on the topic of “Zero Knowledge Encryption – Solving the challenge of data protection in the cloud“. For more information click here: boxcryptor.info/eventtw

SOPHOS is discontinuing some product lines. This means that users of will have to find a replacement. Boxcryptor offers a good alternative to further encrypt data in the . Check our article for further informationen:

We took a closer look at as a solution in companies and enterprises.
In our article, you can find valuable tips for the secure use of the cloud storage provider.



SOPHOS is discontinuing some products, including . Now it's time to look for alternatives. German encryption provider Boxcryptor is a good choice for all companies that want to encrypt data in the and .


We have calculated, compared and made diagrams. Now we can finally present the results of our second customer survey 💥
Many thanks to all who took the time to answer our questions. Your statements help us to further develop Boxcryptor.


Good news: We now also offer all users of LeitzCloud an extended protection of their data in the through zeroknowledge .

You want to learn about the advantages of LeitzCloud? Read more in our article.


Dropbox im Unternehmen: Wir zeigen, wie Sie effizient und sicher in der Cloud arbeiten können, besonders in Zeiten wie diesen, in denen Teams häufiger im Homeoffice arbeiten.


How does the financial industry benefit from the and still provide the highest level of data security?

In our article, we look at and in , insurance companies and the like.


We have taken a close look at the solution . In the current blog post, you and your team will find tips on how to use cloud storage securely.


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