Hannah, the main character in our latest post, is just discovering . 🔐
How about you: When you look at your and your , where is the first place you come across encryption?


Boxcryptor unmasked? 😉
We explain exactly how we keep your data secure — in your , in
and many others.
Discover our :

AIP from is a software that classifies and protects your companies' data. In our , we take a closer look at it, and compare its with Boxcryptor.


Boxcryptor supports Scientific Research at the Global Poverty Research lab 🙂

Together with the Northwestern University, we ensure in the Laboratory.

Read the full here:


🔒 Get to know Boxcryptor better?
On Wednesday, October 20th, our free Boxcryptor webinar for teams will take place again.

More information and the registration for the webinar can be found in our new blogpost:

Recommend Boxcryptor – collect your reward!

Refer Boxcryptor to your Boss and get a lifetime license plus some pretty sweet merch. 🤩


🎊 Release Alert 🎊

The new update for our app is now available.

In our blogpost, we have summarized all the changes.
New: the Files Protection by a PIN, Face ID, or Touch ID!



🔐 Encryption with Boxcryptor:

In our video, we show you step by step how easy it is to encrypt your data with Boxcryptor on .

To watch the video, follow this link :

💡 Do you already know?

On our channel, you can find videos that will help you understand the features of .


"Can I send encrypted files to someone without a Boxcryptor account?"

Yes! Nothing easier than that with our service "Whisply" and here you can find out how⬇️:


🔐 Encrypt with Boxcryptor:

In our video we show you step by step how easy it is to encrypt your data with Boxcryptor.

For the video, follow this link ⬇️:

🔐 How does the key management at Boxcryptor work?

On our website, you can get a good insight into our encryption process:

Chinese characters in your cloud storage? This indicates active folder and filename with Boxcryptor. 🕵️‍♀️

Learn in our latest article what it is good for and how to activate it—including a step-by-step video instruction!


Whether you are working on your thesis, project or term paper - students also possess data that is well worth protecting! 🎓

In addition to encrypted data, also benefit from a 25% discount on the Boxcryptor Personal plan.

For more information and an instruction on how to claim your student discount click here: boxcryptor.info/studentsms

Encryption “Made in Germany” — Highest security for your files in the . Download Boxcryptor for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, as a portable version, or for Microsoft Teams. For personal use, it's for free.


Learn how to protect sensitive files in with End-to-End .
In our latest blog post, we show you how easy it is to encrypt files with Boxcryptor in Microsoft Teams.

Check out our step-by-step guide.


Hello, Boxcryptor for ! Our new app for and is here - and a lot has changed. 🎉
Plus, we now support Security Keys and .
Read more about this exciting news:

What impact do and the use of have on current encryption methods?

In our new blog post, we look at the race quantum computer vs. . boxcryptor.info/quantenms

Recently, our colleague Elizabeth gave a keynote at the virtual & event. You can now watch the recording of her speech about “How-to: Protect your sensitive files with while working remotely”: boxcryptor.info/dsap

What must do? Which functionalities should it have?
Our “Enterprise Encryption Software” provides you with a guide to help you classify and evaluate the performance scope of various encryption solutions.

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