"Can I send encrypted files to someone without a Boxcryptor account?"

Yes! Nothing easier than that with our service "Whisply" and here you can find out how⬇️:


🔐 How does the key management at Boxcryptor work?

On our website, you can get a good insight into our encryption process:

Did you know? With Boxcryptor you can also encrypt data on external hard drives, SD cards, or sticks.
More info and a tutorial on how to encrypt your files on external devices can be found here.


Encryption “Made in Germany” — Highest security for your files in the . Download Boxcryptor for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, as a portable version, or for Microsoft Teams. For personal use, it's for free.


10 years of Boxcryptor – our anniversary special: Invite a friend – get rewarded.
For every successful recommendation, you get 3 months Boxcryptor Personal for free.

This is how it works: boxcryptor.info/referral2021ms

Recently, our colleague Elizabeth gave a keynote at the virtual & event. You can now watch the recording of her speech about “How-to: Protect your sensitive files with while working remotely”: boxcryptor.info/dsap

Box Cryptor, BoxRaptor or Boxyryptor? Have any of these spellings happened to you? The confusion around our name keeps us busy for ten years. For a list of the most amusing spellings, see our latest blog: boxcryptor.info/nameconfusionm

Private key, public key, and key export... Confused? Don't worry. We explain everything you need to know about key management at Boxcryptor.


Our security experts have taken a closer look at the German .
The result: Good ! The app delivers on its promise.

Read our whole statement on our blog.


🎥 🔎 Orwell's 1984 fascinated a lot of people. We rewatched the movie and found some interesting hints on how far we have come in the "transparent citizen" game in 2018.


Ensuring the of and their contacts is without question of the utmost importance.

In our new customer story, you can learn why and how the @associatedpress uses Boxcryptor.


is news to you? Thankfully, a lot of companies switch to these days to help slow down corona spread.

Make sure your company is as careful with as it is with viruses. We put together some tips for privacy aware working from home.

– Convenience of online note-taking vs. confidentiality of information.

Read more about how OneNote works and what to be aware of in terms of : boxcryptor.info/onenoteenms


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