Do you use the ? Did you know that there are multiple regulations to consider, when you want to evaluate your cloud provider? Read our new blog article for more details

🎊 Release Alert 🎊

The new update for our app is now available.

In our blogpost, we have summarized all the changes.
New: the Files Protection by a PIN, Face ID, or Touch ID!


🔐 Encryption with Boxcryptor:

In our video, we show you step by step how easy it is to encrypt your data with Boxcryptor on .

To watch the video, follow this link :

💡 Do you already know?

On our channel, you can find videos that will help you understand the features of .

"Can I send encrypted files to someone without a Boxcryptor account?"

Yes! Nothing easier than that with our service "Whisply" and here you can find out how⬇️:

🔐 Encrypt with Boxcryptor:

In our video we show you step by step how easy it is to encrypt your data with Boxcryptor.

For the video, follow this link ⬇️:

🔐 How does the key management at Boxcryptor work?

On our website, you can get a good insight into our encryption process:

Chinese characters in your cloud storage? This indicates active folder and filename with Boxcryptor. 🕵️‍♀️

Learn in our latest article what it is good for and how to activate it—including a step-by-step video instruction!

Private key, public key, and key export... Confused? Don't worry. We explain everything you need to know about key management at Boxcryptor.

Our security experts have taken a closer look at the German .
The result: Good ! The app delivers on its promise.

Read our whole statement on our blog.

Boxcryptor audit 💥
We are proud to announce that Kudelski Security just finished a security audit of the Boxcryptor source code. We are very happy with the result and provide you the full report on our blog.

Last year, Microsoft introduced a new, secure space in OneDrive. We took a closer look at the security and use cases of the Personal Vault.

Next week you can meet the Boxcryptor team at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. We are looking forward to our sixth participation in the world's largest IT security conference.


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