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Hannah, the main character in our latest post, is just discovering . 🔐
How about you: When you look at your and your , where is the first place you come across encryption?

We use social networks every day, but what happens with the data we share? Where is it stored?

In our new blog article, we took a closer look at , , , and .

: We provide you the best English channels about : 🔐

✔ Cybersecurity Meg
✔ Cyberspatial
✔ Infosec
✔ All Things Secured
✔ And Ask Leo!
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Are you -compliant? 🧐 Are you affected by this at all?
We inform you how Boxcryptor can help you here.

Boxcryptor unmasked? 😉
We explain exactly how we keep your data secure — in your , in
and many others.
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AIP from is a software that classifies and protects your companies' data. In our , we take a closer look at it, and compare its with Boxcryptor.

Boxcryptor supports Scientific Research at the Global Poverty Research lab 🙂

Together with the Northwestern University, we ensure in the Laboratory.

Read the full here:

The new of will come into effect on Monday.

Read now what it's about, and which other Data Protection Laws exist around the globe
: By encrypting data end-to-end in your with Boxcryptor, you are compliant with every current Law. 🙂

Do you use the ? Did you know that there are multiple regulations to consider, when you want to evaluate your cloud provider? Read our new blog article for more details

How creative is your password?
Take a look at the worst existing passwords and discover how to easily pick a secure one. We hope yours did not make it on the list😉

Hi @Goldmaster, no we are not , however we did an external by an independent security company last year. The Link is attached below. Do no hesitate to contact us, if you have any question left.

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🎊 Release Alert 🎊

The new update for our app is now available.

In our blogpost, we have summarized all the changes.
New: the Files Protection by a PIN, Face ID, or Touch ID!


🔐 Encryption with Boxcryptor:

In our video, we show you step by step how easy it is to encrypt your data with Boxcryptor on .

To watch the video, follow this link :

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