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Our security experts have taken a closer look at the German .
The result: Good ! The app delivers on its promise.

Read our whole statement on our blog.

Remember we recently introduced the EARN IT Act bill? The fight against the ban on end-to-end encryption is not yet lost. Please consider signing this petition against the EARN IT Act.

Boxcryptor audit 💥
We are proud to announce that Kudelski Security just finished a security audit of the Boxcryptor source code. We are very happy with the result and provide you the full report on our blog.

The might change the US cloud landscape. If you are thinking about switching providers, we can help you out with some German alternatives.

Have you heard of the EARN IT Act? Supposedly the law is meant to stop the share of CSAM. But in fact, it’s a smart move to eliminate end-to-end encryption. We provide an analysis of the and explain strategy and impact.

Today is and we think this is a good opportunity to take another look at all the measures we have implemented in recent years to make our application process fairer for marginalized groups.

News for teams working in the cloud: We are currently developing an integration of Boxcryptor into and you will be able to use "Made in Germany" with this popular collaboration tool in the near future.

We have updated our comparison of the most popular business clouds. Take a closer look at security, storage, and costs of for Business, Business, (G Suite), and for Companies.
Keep in mind: No cloud without

Good news: We now also offer all users of LeitzCloud an extended protection of their data in the through zeroknowledge .

You want to learn about the advantages of LeitzCloud? Read more in our article.

Dropbox im Unternehmen: Wir zeigen, wie Sie effizient und sicher in der Cloud arbeiten können, besonders in Zeiten wie diesen, in denen Teams häufiger im Homeoffice arbeiten.

Using with as a team? On YouTube you find a recording of one of our webinars about cloud encryption. We have now added subtitles to make the video more accessible for everyone 🤩

How does the financial industry benefit from the and still provide the highest level of data security?

In our article, we look at and in , insurance companies and the like.

Teamevents sind fester Bestandteil unserer Firmenkultur. Und auch unter diesen Umständen haben wir eins organisiert: Live-Comedy via Gruppenchat. Vielen Dank an Jochen Prang für die kurzweilige Abwechslung 🤣

Wir gratulieren @kattascha zur Nominierung für den Grimme Online-Award! Und wir sind ein bisschen stolz, dass wir ihren großartigen Podcast Denkangebot schon lang auf unserer Empfehlungsliste haben 😊🎧

Part 3 of our series ”Transparent Citizen: Fiction versus Reality” is concerned with the movie ”Enemy of the State”. Read the full text about , , , and in our security blog.

👁 Predictive Policing and Big Data - the second episode of our "Transparent Citizen" series looks at how crime is fought, before it may ever occur.

, or , we reveal in which situations may influence our society and politics and which tools help to unmask . Find out more

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What exactly are , how do they work and how can you program such a yourself?

Answers to these and further questions can be found in our blog post: Social Bots – How They Work, How They Help, and How They Can Be Trouble.

🎥 🔎 Orwell's 1984 fascinated a lot of people. We rewatched the movie and found some interesting hints on how far we have come in the "transparent citizen" game in 2018.

Like last year, we are once again the proud sponsor of Security Barcamp Cologne. This year it takes place online on the afternoon of April 4th. Register now - it's free 🤩

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