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What impact do and the use of have on current encryption methods?

In our new blog post, we look at the race quantum computer vs. .

Recently, our colleague Elizabeth gave a keynote at the virtual & event. You can now watch the recording of her speech about “How-to: Protect your sensitive files with while working remotely”:

Digital : In our new blog article, you can find out what options , & Co. offer to administer your digital estate as a precaution. This makes it easier for those left behind to organize the digital estate.

The EU is currently negotiating , a regulation (or policy) that will expand the powers for cross-border law enforcement within EU member states. E-Evidence focuses on storage and email provider.
Learn more in our latest blog post.

What must do? Which functionalities should it have?
Our “Enterprise Encryption Software” provides you with a guide to help you classify and evaluate the performance scope of various encryption solutions.

bietet zur der in Unternehmen finanzielle Hilfen an. In unserem neuesten Blogartikel finden Sie Programme mit denen Sie sich die Verschlüsselungslösung Boxcryptor fördern lassen können.

We will be at the virtual Data Security & Privacy Event from Cyber Security Observatory on March 16 and 17. Our colleague Elizabeth gives a presentation on March 16 on the topic of “How-to: protect your sensitive files with encryption while working remotely”. She will also speak on the topic of “Zero Knowledge Encryption – Solving the challenge of data protection in the cloud“. For more information click here:

The is in danger. Why? Because the EU Commission wants to track illegal content automatically. We explain the technical details behind and the imminent weakening of end-to-end encryption.

SOPHOS is discontinuing some product lines. This means that users of will have to find a replacement. Boxcryptor offers a good alternative to further encrypt data in the . Check our article for further informationen:

Data protection with zero knowledge means full control over your data. We, as the provider, have no knowledge of your data and are technically unable to obtain knowledge. You can find more information here:

Wir sind ab morgen drei Tage lang auf der virtuellen secIT-Messe von @heiseonline vertreten. Am 25.02. spricht unser Kollege Philipp Wittek in einem Gastbeitrag über Sicherheit im Homeoffice mit Verschlüsselung für Microsoft 365, Cloud-Speicher & Co.

Need help or have a question about Boxcryptor?
Have a look at our Community or create a new discussion there. The Community and our developers will be happy to help you.

Are you familiar with any alternative search engines apart from Google?

In our most recent article, we have listed the four most popular alternatives to Google.

Furthermore, we took a closer look at the data privacy of each search engine to determine the best and most secure one.

IT-Security ist und bleibt eines der wichtigsten Themen der Gegenwart. Über Sicherheit im Homeoffice mit Verschlüsselung für Microsoft 365 & Cloud-Speicher spricht unser Kollege Philipp Wittek am 25.02 auf der virtuellen secIT-Messe von @heiseonline. Außerdem haben wir dort drei Tage lang einen virtuellen Stand. Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier:

Attention students! There is a student discount for Boxcryptor. For more information click on the following link:

Computer slow while working from home? 👨‍💻 👩‍💻
We have 5 tips to speed up your machine again:

Yours is yours: Encrypt your data securely before uploading it to a cloud! Boxcryptor is easy to use and therefore allows privacy for everyone.

Box Cryptor, BoxRaptor or Boxyryptor? Have any of these spellings happened to you? The confusion around our name keeps us busy for ten years. For a list of the most amusing spellings, see our latest blog:

Did you know that we have another product besides Boxcryptor? With Whisply you can share files with non-Boxcryptor users. You can find a on how to use Whisply in the link below:

Mit Boxcryptor für bieten wir eine günstige Version für Primär-und Sekundärschulen an. Durch Boxcryptor werden die Daten der Schülerinnen und Schüler sicher verschlüsselt und gelangen nicht in falsche Hände.

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