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*slaps roof of Washington, D.C* this bad boy can fit so many weasels in it

Brie Larson came from a long line of cheese thieves. Her parents emigrated from Paris in 1992 with nothing but a rusty Opinel No. 8 and a wheel of the Pope's personal Camembert. Is there anything our country cannot do

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Just played DnD for the first time with a party full of other first timers and I DMed... my head hurts so much

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An Interactive Map of the 2,000+ Sounds Humans Use to Communicate Without Words.

Grunts, Sobs, Sighs, Laughs & More

I love when people punctuate tweets with lmao, so that I can then say to myself yep that sure is the mayo

Refer to a group of entertainment professionals discussing genie will smith as "that blue tea"

I'm a piece of crap and will always make dad jokes about polish / Polish swaps during a production planning meeting

The utter disappointment when your fave podcast has a new episode out and it's a promo episode for a different podcast.

Bureaucratic attitude towards war minimizing the value of human life 

I’ve also just started playing the new Zelda and holy cow it’s very good. We are truly blessed. Kinda fun to start a game that’s already been talked tondeath about

Will I ever lose the shame I feel every time the Star Trek tng theme starts blaring out of my tv? I always imagine my neighbors hearing it through the floor.

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mfw i realize my phone that was designed to fail after a few years was literally called "Nexus 6"

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These two ex-Airbnb founders want to replace fraternity houses with quantum dots

Was having a fever dream, hanging out on a bed with a cat, when suddenly it started glitching out and running in perfect concentric circles around me faster and faster, so I realized it was fake and I woke up to a car alarm. I thought, nice one, matrix.

I am the sound designer of smash bros 64 in the middle of the meeting where I have to make final sound selects for all the VO? Top 5 reincarnation scenarios

There are two coworkers about 15 feet apart with speaker systems in the office and they are having smash bros sound board duel right now and....

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