If anybody wants to see a very short, confusing and mumbling presentation of VkRunner, there’s one here :) youtube.com/watch?v=VRGseMUCQX

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In Spanish, if you end a sentence with the 🙂 emoji, you have to start it with the 🙃 emoji

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Des gens bipent mal un tupperware chez Ikea.
24h de GaV, fichage empreinte + ADN.
Tout. Va. Bien. 😱

I think governments should run a publicly owned non-profit email service. It’s weird that you need an email address to do all sorts of governmental things like pay your taxes and so on, but the only providers are foreign commercial companies and they usually run on a business model of data-mining and advertising. And email is used for all sorts of important authentication. Why are we not worried about this?

Also, it’s interesting to think that the robots in The Matrix are way nicer to us than we humans are to our underlings. Why bother making a VR paradise for us when they could just cram us into cages and force us to stay alive in a living hell like we do to chickens in battery farming.

Film idea: The Matrix but instead of harvesting humans for energy our robot overlords confine us in pods so they can force us to look at adverts 24/7. They have long forgotten why they wanted us to see ads but it is such an ingrained part of their tradition and culture that they don’t want to change it.

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"Êtes-vous heureux, Zuitton ?", dessin paru la semaine dernière dans Les Echos Week-End.


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Livestock farmers: #veganism is unnatural due to B12.
also them:

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Check out Vimville. It's not far from the shell station.

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"T'as peut-être braqué une banque mon petit, mais moi, j'ai braqué la France toute entière, alors la prochaine fois, fais de la politique, et mets des chemises blanches parce que c'est pas avec des tatouages de citrouille qu'on fait les poches à 60 millions de français"

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I made a little GUI for VkRunner for some reason.

Portugal has a different electrical socket from France, oh noes! I thought it was only the UK being a pain the arse.

Thanks to GNOME, I can’t read the normal everyday English word “glib” without getting confused.

I made yet another parser falling into the trap of using strtod. Yay me! github.com/Igalia/vkrunner/iss

Conference tip: don’t call your talk “Introducing Floobibble” because either you don’t know what Floobibble is so the title won’t interest you, or you already know and you don’t need the intro talk.

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Mi decidis fari esperantajn hupojn ĉe la esperanta servilo anstataŭe. @bpeel . Ĉi tie mi hupos en la angla aŭ la franca.

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