This is why we can’t have nice things in Esperanto. Everything just turns into a tedious debate about grammar.

Dipping my marmite tartine into a bowl of milky tea for a weird hybrid french/english breakfast

Also the mods are clearly visible and it’s less of a big deal to leave one group because you disagree with moderation decisions (ie, it’s not all or nothing).

I guess it’s like IRC but not so archaic.

re: people complaining about both Twitter and Mastodon, in esperantoland we have a really nice collection of groups on Telegram for a whole range of different topics. I think this model is nicer than microblogging because the groups are smaller and you can find interesting people who are like-minded about a particular topic rather than trying to find an instance with only people who you find interesting for everything.

Mi trovis ĉi tiun noton en la brokanta libro kiun mi legas. Mi pensas ke ri faris notojn pri vortoj kiujn ri ne komprenis, sed ĝi povas esti io ajn ĉar la skribmaniero estas nelegebla por mi :p

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reminder: you can use baguette emoji as path separators

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Des militants de #greenpeace ont créé cette édifiante sculpture à Rome pour alerter sur le danger que courent les espèces marines à cause de la pollution plastique des #oceans.

#plastique #pollution #plasticpollution

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RT A small village in France fought against the deportation of a young Sudanese man from their community. 1 in 4 people signed a letter demanding his regularization, and half the town physically fought the police. And in the end, they won!


Je me demande si Mastodon garde les espaces insécables.

Voilà un test :

inséc séc inséc séc inséc séc inséc séc inséc séc inséc séc inséc séc inséc séc inséc séc inséc séc inséc séc inséc séc inséc séc inséc séc inséc séc.

inséc inséc inséc sec sec sec inséc inséc

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Rescued from birdsite - about summoning Cthulhu, ants and why deities are better left alone and not summoned

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RT Good morning smart people! 😊
Avez-vous déjà vu un compteur binaire mécanique ?
Maintenant oui 😉

HML ke la vorto ‘kvazaŭ’ venas de la latina ‘quasi’ kiu venas de ‘quam si’, kaj tio estas laŭvorta traduko de ‘as if’ en la angla. Ĝi do tre similas al la franca vorto ‘quasiment’. Subite ĝi ne plu ŝajnas kiel ekstertera vorto.

Mi aliĝis al KoKoLoRES. Espereble tio solvos mian problemon de manko de kunludantoj :)

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A group of non-vegans started a protest against restaurants in Parkdale, Toronto because they felt insulted and reminded that their diets were immoral. -

Mi faris tradukon de la kartludo Love Letter en . Sekva (kaj plej malfacila) paŝo estas trovi iujn kun kiuj ludi ĝin :p

Right, I’ve uninstalled the Twitter app on my phone and LeechBlocked it on my browser. I wonder how long I can keep this up (I reckon a couple of hours).

If I do an exam on the computer, I wonder if I could convince them to install the bépo drivers. Otherwise it’s going to take me ages to figure out how to type on AZERTY :(

Shitty anti-feature from YouTube. It stops the video from playing when you switch to another app unless you pay?

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