I just tried out the Lime electric scooter hire thingy. The app happily tells me my journey was “free of C02 emissions”, but when I got home I read about how they are charged. Apparently there is a network of Uber-style self-employed people who *drive* over *in their own cars* to pick them up and take them home to charge overnight. So my so-called environmentally friendly journey is just going to force someone else to do the same journey in the car to put the scooter back. What a joke!


and apparently the “juicers” (people who charge them) have to get the bikes back out before 7am which is not only an ungodly hour but also means they contribute to rush-hour traffic. And it sounds like the it has all the same problems as uberised jobs that your boss is a finicky inhuman computer and the company takes advantage of people underestimating their costs (increased electricty bill, fuel, wear-and-tear on car etc)

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