Meanwhile in France, motorists are driving their cars into other motorists because they are blocking the route while protesting in favour of motorists.

What is it about being in a little protected metal box that makes people lose all humanity?

@bpeel They are not protecting in favor of anything: they are protesting against the environment. Most of the protesters have very polluting cars and just don't see the issue with that.

Note the tone of the “journalist” about this killing: it seems as if the journalist justifies the killing. These people are just mad… 😓

@MartinShadok Yeah, it’s true, it seems like a very short-sighted and selfish reason to protest.

At the same time though it would have been nice if Macron approached this a different way rather than just increasing taxes. He could have reductions for people doing car-pooling, increase cycle safety or improve public transport in rural areas.

@bpeel I agree that the tax alone is not enough. I however think that it is necessary: in France, people rarely understand if they don't have to pay 😕 (And for once, Macron is not entirely to blame ☺️ This idea of a fossil tax was already there witg Holland.) This money should then be used to help people quitting fossil fuels. (We still have work to make this a reality, unfortunately…)

Anyway, this does excuse any violence against protesters 😕

@bpeel But yes, cycling infrastructures are catastrophicly inexistent in France. 😧
And Blablacar takes so much percentage on car-pools that travellers usually try to avoid it if they can. I never understood why the government didn't join, making it a website…
There is so much to do…

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