I wonder what percentage of times when people press Ctrl-S they actually intentionally wanted to lock the terminal rather then hitting the wrong key and getting into a confused rage when the terminally inexplicably hangs.

Surely we should just remove this anti-feature by now?

@bpeel I’ve never hitted Ctrl-S on a terminal. Now that I try… it does inexplicably hang. What does Ctrl-S do?


@MartinShadok I think it’s meant to be scroll lock. I guess it comes from an era when terminals were slow and you could pause the output to look at something in the middle of a long output. The secret key to unlock it is Ctrl+Q.

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@MartinShadok I accidentally do this several times per day. I think it’s because bash has Ctrl-R to do a reverse search like in Emacs, so my brain thinks that Ctrl-S should also work to do a forward search like in Emacs.

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