A native French speaking friend next to me is trying to write a story and is having to look up the conjugations for the passé simple. French is an absurd language.

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@bpeel To be fair, the passé simple is so infrequently used that we might as well say that it's no longer French, but old French.

@bpeel (At least orally. As in a lot of cultures, French has a very different written language than its spoken language. This is pure madness and needs to be changed.)

@MartinShadok Yup, I just found it surprising because I can’t imagine having to look up any conjugations if I ever wanted to write a story in my native language. It seems like French has gone very wrong somewhere :p

@MartinShadok I guess it’s all swings and roundabouts though because I do have to look up spellings a lot in English. Hm.

@bpeel Exactly! French and English are mad languages because the writting language is so different from the spoken one. Do ni Esperante babilu 😊

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