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I thought of a joke!

Two witches chatting:

Witch 1: I caught my neighbour stealing my post.
W2: Did you turn him in to the police?
W1: No, I turned him into a toad.

(ok, it’s not very funny, sorry)

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Comparo de la Aĝo de Buĉado kontraŭ Natura Vivdaŭro de bestoj. Pensiganta, ĉu ne?

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Google is an incredibly slimy company 

I made the solution a bit less naïve and posted it to Reddit so that I can advertise VkRunner :p

Today’s is a good day for VkRunner and compute shaders. A really naïve solution runs in 14 seconds on my GPU.

À cause d’une petite confusion avec un ami français, mon plat anglais préféré s’appelle désormais un chapeau de paille et non plus un shepherd’s pie :p

Trying to do in a sort of absurd mix of compute shaders and Python via vkrunner. It sort of worked for part 1 of the first two days but part 2 for both seems harder to parallelise.

Is everybody going to do tomorrow?

The last Doctor Who seemed like a nice attack on Amazon and Bullshit jobs. But I’m not sure whether they came to the conclusion that “we shouldn’t give jobs to robots so that people can still work” or that “yay, now robots can do all the work we can abandon capitalism and do whatever we want”. Definitely should have been the latter :p

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you: capitalism will destroy the planet because the only incentive corporations have is making money

bitcoin: I think we can optimize this and remove a few steps

« Presque 60% des Français se rendent sur leur lieu de travail en voiture alors qu’ils vivent à moins de 15 minutes à pied. »

Les semblent un peu moins convaincants avec cette statistique triste :/

J’ai pas fait grande chose de ma vie mais je peux taper à 87MPM dans ce test

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Meanwhile in France, motorists are driving their cars into other motorists because they are blocking the route while protesting in favour of motorists.

What is it about being in a little protected metal box that makes people lose all humanity?

The detailed instructions for this card game are written like a programming language. One with line numbers and GOTOs :p

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