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Le saviez-vous ? Le verbe aimer n’existe pas en tant que tel en néerlandais.

Alors évidemment, on en exprime bien l’idée. Couramment, c’est « houden van », qui techniquement veut dire « tenir à ». S’applique aux gens, objets, activités...

Un « j’aime » sur Fb, c’est un « vind ik leuk », un « je trouve ça bien / sympa / amusant ».

À une personne, on peut aussi dire « ik heb je lief », « tu m’es précieux-se ». Amour se traduit d’ailleurs par liefde, ce qui nous est agréable, aimable, précieux.

Isn’t it weird that it’s ok for parliament to vote twice on exactly the same deal because the first time TM didn’t get the result she wanted, but giving the public a second vote is “undemocratic”.

The library just sent me an email saying they are going to reset *everyone’s* password to be their last name + the year of their date of birth. With zero notice. Is that a good idea? Because it seems very much like a not good idea.

Also apparently they are doing it to improve security… somehow 🤔

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Ok c'est des génies, des collégien.nes qui ont fait des vidéos contre le sexisme c'est super bien foutu et drôle

I wrote another blog post about VkRunner. One blog post per year is probably enough, right? 😆

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The crest designed by my men’s group—traitors of the patriarchy...
Ps. That’s Ferdinand the Bull

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Via [LeMondeModerne] 😂😂😂 ça va faire ma soirée !

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Hot take: post-apocalyptic fiction is so popular because people desperately want to live lives that aren't yoked by capitalism, but are unable to even conceive of such a thing happening without the world ending first

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It's 2019 and you can join the fun remotely! Here are links to all the live streams:

Video of the first talk at FOSDEM is up. My goal is to make my talk at least more interesting than this one *fingers crossed*

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Made a snowdecahedron. Not as nice as some people on the web, but still, I deserve a beer.

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Talking to strangers on the internet in Esperanto using the Shavian alphabet and wondering about my life choices.

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well would you look at the time

11 ^ 1
10 | 2
9 ⊙--—> stop drinking
8 4 cow’s milk
7 5

I thought of a joke!

Two witches chatting:

Witch 1: I caught my neighbour stealing my post.
W2: Did you turn him in to the police?
W1: No, I turned him into a toad.

(ok, it’s not very funny, sorry)

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