Pour les utilisateurs de bépo : j’ai créé une image Docker et un script pour générer plus facilement les pilotes:

Documentation: github.com/bpierre/bepo-genera

Démo: asciinema.org/a/043t8d3uxo6s7s

Retours bienvenus !

We need to see the complete Mastodon identifiers: displaying @bpierre only is the same as displaying “pierre” instead of “pierre@gmail.com”.

Hey mastronauts!
Have you successfully reported anyone on masto yet? I tried to report a french racist, but when I hit submit i get the "Get Started" tab again, without any feedback. :/

I really, really appreciate seeing so many follows from mastodon.xyz (a different, new instance). When telling your friends about Mastodon, don't always point them to mastodon.social - point them to mastodon.xyz, icosahedron.website, social.tchncs.de, gay.crime.team etc etc

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