@davedarko @xHain_hackspace sounds like it is a prime candidate for a brain transplant. Perhaps a RPiPICO?

@foosel - This talk is a healthy take on a common problem.

One takeaway is the value of having a "code of conduct" in place for every open source project. It gives you something concrete to point difficult users to if they are overstep.

@davedarko I thought it was "a deal I couldn't refuse" but in truth it turned into hoarding!

@gregdavill I need to come up with a better way to position them. They always seem to want to left or drift from where I want them.

@davedarko I have a stock of those SHARP Memory displays. I need to design a project for them.

@geekmomprojects@qoto.org @peterdrake LiPos weight less than gold 😜

@3DPrintingDad @geekmomprojects@qoto.org I'll have to dig through my LiPo box to see if I can turn the LumosRing into a "wearable" for CONs 😜

@geekmomprojects@qoto.org @peterdrake hah! The LumosRing is frugal but probably not THAT frugal 😉

I'm staking my claim here for the future! 👍🏼


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