No matter who gets elected President in 2020, we are in for Big Government.

If you have trouble remembering what you ate for supper last night, it wasn’t epic.

A lot of people have become disillusioned with the traditional political elites and parties of both the Right and Left in the Western World. And 2 party systems don’t offer enough of a difference to matter since both end up supporting the status quo.

Antitrust enforcement in the U.S. has become strangled in an outmoded economic doctrine that fails to recognize the realities of today’s Internet. We recently submitted comments to the FTC explaining a few key ways to strengthen antitrust enforcement.

Disgruntlement File: McDonald’s seems to have discontinued the Triple Stack McMuffins. They had disappeared from the McD’s cash register this morning. Also the classical music has disappeared. Bummer. Triple Stack McBummer.

Fixing the turn signals on my 2010 Ford Transit Connect is going to cost US $1200.00 because Ford does not make sub-parts for the entire headlight turn signal assembly must be replaced. Good enginnering Ford.

Pharma and biotech companies want to scrap the requirement that patents be "new and useful." Once they don't have to meet that basic standard, health care costs will rise.

My 2010 Ford Transit Connect had to be towed into the dealer this morning. Low miles on it, but I can see time is taking it’s toll. With the hood up I noticed a lot of vaccum hoses are cracking on it and will need to be replaced the next time it goes into the shop.

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