Like: Blog discovery for the future?
Like: Blog discovery for the future? There is a great discussion going on there with Dave Winer, Don Park and others including Greg McVerry and Kicks Condor. This is the kind of discussion that needs to be done and this is the group to do it.  Frankly it makes my brain hurt, but in a…[...]

Directory Seeding: How Much is Enough to Start?
Gah!  I'm in a bit of a quandary about seeding this directory project:  how much is enough to start out with and how much further seeding just adds noise? I have raided my bookmarks, read laters, memory, etc. and have come up with about 300 links which, on the face of it, seems pitiful for…[...]

Like: Large Majorities Dislike Political Correctness – The Atlantic
Like: Large Majorities Dislike Political Correctness - The Atlantic What a person is saying, the meaning, the intent, is far more important than how they say it.[...]

Logo Fail
This is how Wordpress plays "Joy Whack a Mole": Me: Yay, I made a neat new logo.  Happyhappyjoyjoy.  (Tries to install it on Wordpress.) Sempress Theme:  I insist that your logo be 50px X 50px. Me: Are you daft?  Do you know how tiny 50 X 50 is?  That's almost as small as a favicon.…[...]

Listening: Illinois Street Lounge | SomaFM
Listening: Illinois Street Lounge | SomaFM Classic bachelor pad.  Got the Lava Lamp going.  😎[...]

You cannot monetize the network (so just hide behind a "glitch")

My early goals this morning:

set up an event for the Google+ mass migration event

delete stuff on server to make for space

start migration of WordPress to Known

Watching: Murders at Barlume – MHz Choice
Watching: Murders at Barlume - MHz Choice Light, comedic Italian mystery.  As a mystery sort of so-so, but I like the characters.  Acting is good.[...]

Like: Framasoft ~ Portal Homepage
Like: Framasoft ~ Portal Homepage A network dedicated to globally promoting "free" and particularly free software. Many services and innovative projects freely put at the disposal of the general public. A community of volunteers supported by a public interest association. An invitation to build together a world of sharing and cooperation. Framasoft is a French based, p[...]

Reduced Posting | Working on Directory Project
Despite my earlier protestations, I am working on a web directory project on a different domain.  It's not a big deal but there is work to do, like: seed the directory with a starter set of links.  I mean you go to a directory to find web pages or websites and it better have something…[...]

Bookmark: dokuwiki [DokuWiki]
Bookmark: dokuwiki [DokuWiki] Another wiki server script.  Doku looks to be even bigger than PmWiki as far as plugins. This one seems more about formatting writing in HTML rather than markup. Pros: No database needed. Files are stored as plain txt, which means they are forever. Low server overhead.  [...]

Bookmark: PmWiki | PmWiki / PmWiki
Bookmark: PmWiki | PmWiki / PmWiki This is an interesting script. I have not installed it or tried it, just browsed through the instructions. Things that caught my eye: There is no mention of mySQL or any database needed.  I like that.  Flat files can be good.  All you seem to need is PHP. You…[...]

Bookmark: WikidPad – wiki notebook for Windows/Linux/Mac OS
Bookmark: WikidPad - wiki notebook for Windows/Linux/Mac OS This installed just fine on Win 10.  The instructions for Linux and Mac look more complicated.  I have to say this is pretty damn cool.  I would call this more of a wiki notebook, "pad" sounds too small.  You can make some extensive, many pages of, notes…[...]

Bookmark: findx — keep searching, in private
Findx - a privacy-by-default search engine. No logging. No tracking. Transparent algorithms. Hosted in Europe. Users like you help shape the results. Bookmark: findx — keep searching, in private Currently in beta.  I literally found out about this 15 minutes ago so I have not had time to really look it over.  Based in Denmark,…[...]

‘Broadsword Calling Danny Boy’ by Geoff Dyer review – on Where Eagles Dare | Books | The Guardian
A mini-celebration of the cult film has some funny and brilliant sentences about Clint Eastwood and his fellow heroes destined for a Nazi castle in the Alps Source: ‘Broadsword Calling Danny Boy’ by Geoff Dyer review – on Wh[...]

Like: Andrew Keen: How to fix the future | NEXT Conference
Like: Andrew Keen: How to fix the future | NEXT Conference This is quite good.  I cannot really disagree with anything Keen says.  He speaks about regulation, but I think it is going to take both regulation and breaking up the Internet monopolies together to get the job done. IMHO. Source: Adam Tinworth.[...]

Like: Exclusive: Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend…
Like: Exclusive: Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the TBL is fighting back against the silos. w00t!  Good article. This is pretty neat.[...]

Bookmark: Solid – Own and Control Your Private Data
Bookmark: Home | Solid (From the Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Inrupt.) Solid empowers users and organizations to separate their data from the applications that use it. It allows people to look at the same data with different apps at the same time. It opens brand new avenues for creativity, problem-solving, and commerce. Note: Own[...]

Bookmark: Inrupt
Bookmark: Inrupt It’s time to reset the balance of power on the web and reignite its true potential. When Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the web, it was intended for everyone. The excitement and creativity of its early days were driven from the notion that we can all participate - and the impact was world-changing. But the…[...]

Bookmark: the federation – a statistics hub
Bookmark: the federation - a statistics hub The Federation refers to a global social network composed of nodes that talk to each other. Each of them is an installation of software which supports one of the federated social web protocols. Site shows the different social network scripts that can federate and statistics to how many instances…[...]

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