Well I finally turned on the heat in the house today. It’s been 58 degrees F inside for the last 5 days and no warm spell in sight.

Halloween Candy: at my local Jewel store many of the old standbys were MIA, Junior Mints, Raisinettes, Chunky, Baby Ruth, Payday, etc. Those awful sugar candy corn things were still around. They are like the cockroach of the candy industry.

I just bought Halloween candy. Man, this suff is expensive. If the size of the bars gets any smaller we might as well hand the kids empty wrappers. I’m thinking consolidation in the candy industry has not been good for consumers.

I early voted. Easy, no lines, fast. The new voting machines were a little confusing but they leave a nice paper trail.


New statue of Tuskegee airman. This is what I want to see more of. Let’s honor minorities who contributed to America and broke new ground.

I have 3 laptops: Mac, Linux and Windows. I find I’m using the Linux machine the most. Part of this is by conscious choice, part because I just like the stability, security and quiet of Linux. Plus I like the feel of the Linux laptop’s keyboard better and Windows remains - needy altho... ramblinggit.com/2019/10/08/i-h

Ton Zijlstra makes an astute observation on Google Chrome it’s not a browser, it’s advertisement delivery software and he goes on to explain why that’s bad. He has an excellent point and his post is well worth reading. zylstra.org/blog/

Straws are a distraction - Boingboing. Tells how the plastics industry shifts the blame on you the user. It’s not that the user is blameless, but we simply must decrease the production of single use plastics. boingboing.net/2019/10/03/recy

A Lord of the Rings Guide to the Cotswolds | 6 Places That Inspired Tolkien Nice article, interesting blog. geekytourist.com/2019/10/02/lo

Librem 5 has recently started shipping - so curious for (non-devkit) reviews!


Climate change is changing the flavor of French wine - National Geographic

There are 7.7 Billion people in the world and we only have 2 major phone and computer operating systems. We only have a few major browsers. We only have a few major search engines. This is horse pucky. Consolidation only helps the big corporations. Break the monopolies.

I just found out I can post links to Apple News stories directly to my Micro.blog iOS app. This makes my geeky little brain pan very happy, sorta like Christmas.


No Need To Cut Back On Red Meat? Controversial New ‘Guidelines’ Lead To Outrage - NPR

No outrage here. I’m all for red meat in the diet.

I’ve never seen “Stranger Things” if I pop for a Netflicks subscription is it worth it?

I’ve been reading the Bruno Chief of Police Series by Martin Walker. They are traditional mysteries and are fairly good. I’m on about the tenth one in a row. A bit like “Hamish MacBeth” books only set in France. amzn.to/2n5fYP8

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