Like: Leaving Apple & Google: next /e/ release and what features are in the pipe – /e/
Leaving Apple & Google: next /e/ release and what features are in the pipe We're working on stabilizing the current /e/ beta so that we can release a V1.0 on early 2019. It will include an /e/ application repository that will let users install most Android applications, in two clicks

Like: Add Mojeek To Your Browser
Find out how to add Mojeek to your browser
Like: Add Mojeek To Your Browser

Just about every brrowser is listed.

Towards /e/ V1.0, Android application installer, first plans for post-V1, /e/ devices, how you can support the project... read our latest newsletter online!
(and thanks to our great community of volunteer, it's available in 5 different languages!)

Bookmark: Projects · Explore · GitLab
Bookmark: Projects · Explore · GitLab

GitLab is an alternative to Github which is now owned by Microsoft.

Blog Engines and Indieweb Controlling Upstream
All this Wordpress 5.0 Gutenberg stuff got me thinking.  With Wordpress it seems like the Indieweb starts making serious and cool progress and the Wordpress people come along and knock the game board and pieces off the table.  And it sounds like the disruption from Wordpress is going to continue for a couple of years.

Why not take a page out of Apple's playbook and take control higher up in the food chain? Why not come out with an Indieweb com

The Weeklyish Summary – 12 December 2018
It's been slow here at the directory. Real World and holiday fuss has been getting in the way of my schedule.  But the good news is that directory listings have a fairly good shelf life so they won't spoil.
Wordpress 5.0 and Gutenberg
The blog part of this site is powered by Wordpress and the recent update to Wordpress 5.0 has forced plugin developers to push out a rash of updates to their plugins. Despite that some things are broken h

A Look at Known: social publishing and Indieweb
Publish blog posts, photos and media to your own site, and syndicate it to your social networks. Keep everything on your own site. Source: Known: social publishing for groups and individuals I'm looking at Known this morning.  The website has that Silicon Valley - Apple vibe to it - lots of short sentences - completely…[...]

Like: Mumblings – My Wishlist
Like: Mumblings - My Wishlist Wow.  Good, thoughtful, constructive list. Well done Simon!  If you are on this is a must read.  It also shows the immense amount of improvements already made and being added weekly and those are much appreciated.[...]

My Gutenberg Migration Planning
I have several blogs: 1 x hosted blog plus 2 x Wordpress blogs.  After the Holidays, I'll probably migrate my main WP blog (you are here) to some other blogging platform.  No matter what I do I will lose my Indieweb features on that blog.  But that said, I forsee it becoming increasingly hard…[...]

For Micro Monday I want to recommend @jgmac1106 who never sits still. Ever. And @c another person with a crazy busy schedule. Both are worthy ambassadors for the Indieweb movement and very helpful people.

Oh great. One of my smoke detectors is chirping. Either it needs a new battery, is malfunctioning or has come to end of life. I swear these things are as needy as Adobe Reader.

Gutenberg Phase 2 Plan Themes are Next
To recap, Gutenberg Phase 2 will: Be outside of post_content. Focus on customization. Upgrading themes, widgets, & menus. Early version of phase 2 will be in the Gutenberg plugin. Be sure to reactivate it! Last updated: December 9th, 2018 Source: Gutenberg Phase 2 Plan Revealed - Gutenberg WordPress Editor This is the other shoe dropping. …[...]

Bookmark: Migrate your WordPress site to ClassicPress – ClassicPress
Migrating your WordPress website to ClassicPress is easy and only takes a few minutes. Follow the simple steps below to get started: Bookmark: Migrate your WordPress site to ClassicPress – ClassicPress The folks at Classic Press have created an easy migration plugin that works with Wordpress 5.0.  I recommend you wat[...]

Spell check (that automatic red underline of missspelled word) has quit working in Wordpress Classic Editor on Vivaldi my Chromium based browser. Works in FF. Anyone else seeing this in Chrome?

WordPress Gutenberg Gloom
Thinking out loud: The more I learn about it the less it sounds like I would be able to live with Gutenberg. Sure I have 3 years before Classic Editor plugin is discontinued, but I have 475 posts today on this blog in about 9 month posting.  The longer I wait to move the…[...]

A pall of Gutenberg Gloom has fallen over the blogosphere.

Like: Following People or Feeds in the
I am scrolling through history (h/t to Kevin Marks for reminding of the ccurated posts by danah boyd) as we discuss how best to follow Source: Following People or Feeds in the This reminds me: I still need to sort and tidy the feeds in my feed reader.  [...]

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