Grocery Store shopping today. My hoarding:

4 cans of Bean with Bacon soup
2 cans of SPAM. (But it’s reduced sodium SPAM so it may not count.)
2 small bags of rice. I think I bought the wrong kind of rice. Is there a wrong rice? Well anyway I got rice stocked so I can eat. Which is...

Coronavirus and Our Medical Capacity: Some Numbers Yes I know it’s a Twitter thread but it’s worth reading. Don’t panic, but take it seriously.

It’s hard to blame people for trying to stockpile needed goods. People are only trying to make up for the failures of our leaders who should have been more prepared but were not.

Ebay has recently started trying to show me a CAPTCHA after I login to confirm it’s me. Except the CAPTCHA never appears. Probably all my ad and cookie blockers. But, hey I really didn’t want to buy on Ebay that bad anyway. I’ll find it elsewhere or do without.

Don’t forget extra vacuum cleaner bags in your self isolation prep. It sounds silly, but think about it, if the entire family plus pets are going to be shut up indoors for 2 - 3 weeks you want to keep your indoor air quality good.

Congress will decide to devote money to the coronavirus emergency in 2 - 3 weeks. This means we have Trump, Pence and McConnell in charge of a pandemic. These guys are the Moe, Larry and Curley of Washington. We’re doomed.

I have a pen and #2 pencil ready to fill out my census form whenever it arrives, so that town, county and state qualify for every dollar doled out by the Federal government. I’m still not clear why we sent our money all the way to the Feds so they can hand it back to us. Shouldn’t the...

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