hey fedi, help me settle a debate at work.

beans, beans, the _____ fruit

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@bragool “magical”, of course. Only philistines refer to beans as the “musical” fruit.

@bragool musical! they enable tooting, which is a sound that can be used to make music.

(tooting is other things too but unless someone has evidence that an increase in bean consumption leads to an increase in mastodon posts, i rest my case)

@bragool “musical” anyone who unironically says otherwise is trying to harm the universe with bad vibes.

@bragool I am shocked at the outcome of this poll!

Did you get the results you were expecting?

@twistylittlepassages i thought it was musical but i wanted to know what the people said!

@bragool I bet there's regional and/or generational tendencies in play here. But I suppose the end result is the same: le toot.

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