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#ff it's getting late, you think to yourself as the grandfather clock in the hallway chimes three in the morning. probably better turn in.

you look up from your monitor with a start as you realize you live in a shotgun house. there is no hallway.

you wrap a blanket around you against the sudden draft. the breeze seems too strong for indoors. odd. it's whipping your hair around but the papers on the table are still.

then a darkness, darker than the night, envelops you as a voice whispers: @Zoe

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#ff the afternoon sunlight grazes the high oaken rafters of a nondescript lecture hall at the University of Canada as @some_qualia , the visiting lecturer, speaks about their writing process. they sneak a look at their phone as a student says "not really a question, more of a comment, but..."

a frown crosses their face. reports of chuds harassing guillotines users have drowned their inbox. they excuse themself and run to change.

"nobody fucks with my instance," they say, drawing their blade.

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gonna boost some of my jorts posts to introduce them to the new kids on local

a republic of Korea train crossed into the DPRK for the first time in a decade today. it was carrying a team of engineers to begin work on northern railways so that the lines can be interconnected

2 things:

1. i think i forgot to label my longass argument under "unlisted", sorry for your TLs if so

2. i've never stolen for the same reason i don't drink. i feel i'd immediately go overboard. If I stole a pack of gum i'd start dreaming about jewel heists

everyone follow @zoey and say cool and nice things to her

look you want me to not nut, write a novel, go see my damn family and eat turkey, grow a damn mustache ANd vote? look november is too much things and something's gonna fall by the wayside

boss makes a dollar
i make a dime
parsley sage
rosemary and thyme

mostly posting on these days

Hanging with the mufos on Twitter vs. hanging with the mufos on Mastodon

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