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Wooh! I finally finished the blog post. This one was orignally about federated platforms, but I ended up shifting it into something else. Here it is:

Please read through it, criticize it, and let me know your thoughts. And more importantly, please boost it so we can get more people involved :)

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I've been putting this off for long enough. Hello newcomers! My name is Chris, and I am a first year college student, as well as a free software and privacy advocate.

I love contributing to projects, my favourites being Fracal, a GTK client for Matrix chat, and Godot. I have a (small, for now) blog at

Hey everyone! I've got a new account on my instance New account is @brainblasted. I will probably be moving there since it is my own instance.

Forgot to move at the end of the other week, but now this account is officialy marked as moved.

At the end of the week I am marking this account as moved. If you follow me here on and haven't followed me on @brainblasted please do.

At the end of the week I am marking this account as moved. If you follow me here on and haven't followed me on @brainblasted please do.

If somebody creates free software in a way you don't like you could just not use it? No need to hate on the creator?¿?

From the "I can't believe I have to say this" files:

Death threats are against the community guidelines and will result in account suspension. You can read them here:

re: some RMS takes I've seen 

RMS/ESR/etc. are very deeply flawed, and rather unsuitable as figureheads for their ideas.

this doesn't mean software freedom is somehow bad, and it doesn't mean we should frame social movements as being fundamentally at odds with it by association.

I am extremely suspect of people (esp. on birb) sowing discontent with such broad scope.

it's extremely useful for tech corporations if the core principles of copyleft get dragged through the mud. let's not align with them either.

Last year's fad: fidget spinners
This year's: things built to last
(pass it on, maybe we can trick them)

Does anyone know if there is anything like for Matrix?

Hi, all. I'm relocating from, both because the admin is considering shutting it down and because I'd already been looking to get on a larger instance.

Sorry, those who followed me there get to see my introduction posts again...

I wish there were as many matrix home servers as there are Mastodon instances.

Right now the network crumbles if goes down.

Twitter. You know. It's like Mastodon but centralized.

YouTube. Like PeerTube but centralized.

Facebook. Like but centralized.

WhatsApp. Like Matrix but centralized.

i made this if anyone needs help convincing their friends to move away from birdsite

PSA for those who still have a Twitter account (very important) 

Change your passwords, they've been stored in plaintext.

I need to re-evaluate if a smaller instance is for me. I have found that I miss having a populated timeline (federated and local). Gives me more people to discover and more conversations to participate in

Amazon Echo Dot for kids?

I got an e-mail from Mozilla to put pressure on Amazon to say what they do with the data they collect from children.

How about educating parents as to why the original Dot is a bad idea, and why this is even worse. These children are defenseless in a #surveillance society without the help of their guardians---having every aspect of their being dissected and analyzed before they even know what is happening or that they should care. By the time they have grown and maybe _do_ care, it is already far too late; they are already compromised. Most of the things learned about children won't change into adulthood. And further, Amazon will help to shape what these children become based on how they interact with Alexa, whether they intend to or not.

#children #privacy
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