Hey, I'm going to be writing an article on the to help people after they . Send me some platforms that you've used or heard of.

Right now:
- Diaspora
- Mastodon

@brainblasted Pleroma should also deserve a mention. Given that facebook has some video features, might also want to mention PeerTube?

@brainblasted peertube, pleroma, gnusocial, hubzilla, scuttlebutt


I've just tried the Hubzilla demo, but it only has a few posts on it from a year ago. And it looks like it came from 2005, but otherwise a good alternative to Facebook.

@er1n @brainblasted

Like I said, it was only the demo. Maybe with the actual network it is a lot more active?

@RyuKurisu @brainblasted @er1n
Modern FB UI is a really confusing mess when I tried to use it IMHO

there's a gazillion of networks / services out there, but Mastodon and Diaspora probably cover 90% in terms of user numbers. Gnuscoial might be worth mentioning, because it's the origin of Mastodon and, although it (partly) federates with Mastodon, sports a very different philosophy and culture ("free speech" and such)

@brainblasted comes to mind, but I'd generally prefer focussing on one or at maximum two platforms and put in it as much energy as possible. Need to target actual end users who want to stay in touch with folks they already know even on a new network.

@brainblasted I'm super late to the secure-scuttlebutt party!

Its an MIT License secure gossip protocol that you can access with a really easy-to-use client called Patchwork
(Available Here:

More info on the protocol and its goals are here:

Here is the link to the Hubzilla project website if you wish:

@brainblasted Also, should you say "Mastodon" or "Ostatus/ActivityPub compatible stuff" ?

One.strategy could be... deelete (fb, google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, apple, whadeverdafck...)
2. Then , collaborate to implement the "new.system"
3. Admin. as a co.op - with relationships - cf. #coop princicipales

And get lucky :)

For the Messenger replacement, I would recommend Internet Standards based XMPP/Jabber - for Android - it's going to have v2.0 release party🎉 on 24th March during FOSSASIA; & Monal for iOS for a console client
Servers list :

@brainblasted I've heard of diaspora* but don't really understand how it works. So I look forward to your article.

@reverendspork @brainblasted
it's qute easy so. More than masto. Just get in, follow hastags and people. You can choose hastags to follow. The fed does the rest ; )

@brainblasted Oh cool! Check out Friendica, Hubzilla, and GNU Social 😀

@brainblasted Movim (e.g.
GNU Social (e.g.

@brainblasted there's Friendica, Hubzilla,

Others of varying levels of activity and being maintained. It seems like there's a critical level of individual friends that have to jump from one platform to another to sustain activity, else people just go back to where their friends are.

Where do you plan to publish so we can watch for the article?

@brainblasted Hubzilla and Friendica are both fediverse-compatible and are a little bit more Facebook-like in how they are designed.

The current state of development of most of these open-Source social media platforms is "early days" (many still on their way to maturity). (Re: FB Fediverse alternatives article) Here's why you might focus on Roadmap(s) instead of current features: 


Because of the general #maturity #status, IMHO you might consider focusing your article on #perspectives and strategic elements based on each one's #roadmap and not just doing a #comparison of currently available features.

Who are your article's target audience(s)? Someone in need of only 1 (personal) account or a separation of 2+ accounts (biz.++), a family/parental friendly platform, etc. ?

The availability of mature (#multiAccount!?!) client apps etc. may also affect people's choice.

Other relevant aspects:

- #security
- Account ownership / (ex)portability
- #licences

Related tags:


@lnxw48a1 @brainblasted Also SocialHome
Federates with Diaspora (and soon ActivityPub, I think.)

For chat I warmly suggest Matrix (, and for an implementation).

@brainblasted oh, there's plenty, but most of them I wouldn't recommend. Even diaspora isn't a good replacement for facebook IMO, and I think they come closest.

There's also Hubzilla, GNU Social, Pleroma, Friendica, SocialHome... Those are the ones I remember right now.

@brainblasted oh, there's already plenty mentioned in your replies.

I'm taking this with #socialweb so I can find all those names later.

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