Wooh! I finally finished the blog post. This one was orignally about federated platforms, but I ended up shifting it into something else. Here it is: brainblasted.gitlab.io/replace

Please read through it, criticize it, and let me know your thoughts. And more importantly, please boost it so we can get more people involved :)

Hi! You might be interested in this article I wrote last summer. A lot of what's ended up in the design documents for #Aardwolf comes from there.


I know you've checked in on the aardwolf matrix room, and I'd welcome any contributions (not necessarily code, feature discussions are good) you might have.

I will check out your Matrix group later.

@gcupc I like your ideas :) Regarding Aardwolf, I may contribute some this summer, depending on how time works out for me. I applied for GSoC, so my time might be stretched a little thin if I was accepted.

IMO the fact that Facebook replaced what used to be many different platforms/applications (used in parallel for different purposes) is part of the problem.
Eg. a public profile/microblog shouldn't be tied to a messaging app, shouldn't be tied to a calendar app, shouldn't be tied to video sharing site.

IMO what we need is some kind of federated identity (kinda like OpenID), so that we can eg. log in to peertube with our mastodon account.

This way users of existing federated apps could easily start using any new federated applications without making a separate account on each of them, keeping track of many passwords, and having their notifications and profiles spread all over the place.


I wonder what @kaniini @lain @Gargron @Chocobozzz @cwebber and other devs working with activitypub think about this idea.

@Wolf480pl @cwebber @Chocobozzz @Gargron @lain @brainblasted

this has been described a few times as kind of a "social passport" concept (using your fediverse credentials to auth to other sites). the hubzilla author implemented this as part of his overall work on "nomadic identity," but it didn't really take off.

i am not really enthusiastic about it, but if somebody were to submit patches to Pleroma implementing this, i wouldn't NAK them personally. can't speak for lain though.

@kaniini @cwebber @Chocobozzz @Gargron @lain @brainblasted
The idea I have right now would be to specify OAuth2 endpoint in user's APub profile. Then do OpenID Connect on top of OAuth2, and also request permission to post to user's outbox. (oh, yeah, posting jsons to outbox is another thing that's missng). Then the site that I'm visiting could provide a comment/reply box that'd send posts as me at niu, despite it being a different instance that I don't even have account on.

@Wolf480pl @brainblasted @lain @Gargron @Chocobozzz @cwebber

you wouldn't need to request write permission at all, since the comment would be written locally by the server itself. only read is necessary.

unless you mean you want the server to also federate your comment inside the AP world.

if that is the case, it will not work with Mastodon, because Mastodon does not implement the C2S API at all.

there is partial C2S API support in Pleroma, but i haven't implemented the outbox yet.

@kaniini @brainblasted @lain @Gargron @Chocobozzz @cwebber
Yes, I wanted the comment to federate inside the AP world. And yes, that means C2S API would be needed.

@Wolf480pl @cwebber @Chocobozzz @Gargron @lain @brainblasted

personally speaking, I don't think Mastodon will ever implement the AP C2S API, it is completely redundant given the scope of their project.

Pleroma gets the AP C2S API because Pleroma is meant to just be a backend service for whatever you want to put on top, and most likely that is where we are going to concentrate on building the "generic" APIs, instead of the emulated GNU Social and Mastodon APIs.

@brainblasted I tried joining the XMPP room replacefacebook@conference.movim.eu but it doesn't let me. Is it members-only or something?

@Wolf480pl Shouldn't be. Let me see whats up. What's your JIP/username?

@brainblasted You have a typo 3rd para of VPN heading: what exactly is Facebook's fucntion?

@brainblasted Not sure building a replacement will ever work. Think maybe the win would be the fragmentation. I don't use all FB features. Interconnectivity between different approaches will be a win. Thanks for the article - useful discussion and listing of current alternatives

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