I wish there were as many matrix home servers as there are Mastodon instances.

Right now the network crumbles if matrix.org goes down.

@brainblasted People love using stuff but no one wants to handle maintaining it.

If I ever get around to spinning something up, regional redundancy is DEFINITELY going to be done.

@brainblasted running my own server for sure but most normal users use the public matrix.org server which is kinda overloaded due to massiv user moves to matrix. Agreed, there should be more instances to take load off matrix.org.

@brainblasted I actually thought Riot had their own, but I see they don't.
Yes, it is unfortunate when you create a system intended for federation and only have one major instance which becomes default choice.

@brainblasted tgere is a lot of single user synapse onstance tho

@marsxyz I wish more were multiuser.

With mastodon you can simply hop instances after exporting some info. On Matrix it isn't that simple

Actually it is pretty simple. The real problem is if you want your users to be able to participate in large rooms like HQ and you use Synapse (which is your only option as of now), you need to have your own reactor.

@brainblasted They should stop adding features for a while and make some videos on how to install a matrix homeserver a Rpi or something like that. Going through all of the steps including getting a domain name. Just continuing to shore up matrix.org isn't a good strategy.

@brainblasted The server I use is hosted by disroot.org

But you’re right there are not nearly enough Matrix servers around, through I’ve read people writing that Matrix is a very resource hungry so that may be a good reason why.

@mareklach Synapse is very resource hungry from what I have heard.

I am on disroot as well :)

@brainblasted @matrix perhaps there should be a single package for installing both together!

@brainblasted I tried to run my own matrix home server.

Everyone uses matrix.org because the decentralized part of matrix is ridic. I have no faith on it working in the long term

@charlag @brainblasted as an example, getting the full history of #matrix@matrix.org is an almost-impossible endeavour. Protocol and implementation combine to make it actually impossible on a modestly-specced machine.

The new implementation might improve matters for a while, but the protocol itself remains troublesome. If we're to have decentralized group chats, we need something that doesn't have to call out to the homeserver of every former participant.

@brainblasted so beautiful thread with so many different mastodon instances \o/

@brainblasted well we started our server for exactly this reason, but tbh if matrix.org closed registration most of the other larger servers would likely get overloaded pretty quickly and do the same including us, disroot and some others

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