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Sumana Harihareswara

Man, god bless Recurse Center. I really am a dramatically better programmer than I was six months ago. It's hard to state how empowering that is.

Compassion and caring even when you're told you shouldn't is punk.

I need to reread Ellen Ullman's suspenseful, evocative, emotionally accurate The Bug not least because it skewers the Reverend Casaubon who thinks he's Randy Waterhouse

@gaditb I just realized - you're the one who figured out the 17776 calendars were wrong, and who stepped through the frames to find out who the Presidents were! (I made & .)

New post: My fun Cleveland vacation (with photos) - reasons to snag those last few early-bird tickets for PyCon in May

fundraising Show more Talk, Poster, and Education Summit proposals for PyCon due in a little under a day.

New blog posts: Some things I recommend frequently, e.g., clothes, software, comedy My 2017 in review: adventures, community service, work, talks/conferences, writing, public notice, habits, watched/listened, social

birdsite Show more reminds me that FLOSS-loving freelancers/makers/small orgs would pay for hosted Mailman 3 installations, if such services were available.

New blog post: My childhood visions of Senate confirmation hearings, my current career, and Ben Franklin.

In which a major financial institution's website, despite that padlock icon, promotes poor security practices.