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Sumana Harihareswara

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In an hour, in -dev on Freenode IRC the maintainers of the new PyPI want to help you test it & learn to hack on it. Please drop in.

2300 UTC / 6pm-7pm EST / 3pm-4pm PST

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Right now, in -dev on Freenode IRC, help us by letting us know how package maintainer functionality's working for you on

Three more livechats this week:

Once someone raised a bug against my code's ISO 8859 support (i.e. localised alphabets). But what they wrote was ISO 8851, which turns out to be "Butter -- Determination of moisture, non-fat solids and fat contents."

Of course, that's the alphabet localised for Grease.

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I'm mostly off Mastodon/Twitter this weekend because I'm helping @pnh & pack for their move. Bonus for me: they're donating some supercool stuff to the Tiptree Auction at @WisConSF3 , e.g., first British edition of "China Mountain Zhang"

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A NYC Valentine's Day gift idea for your household: set up a housecleaning appointment

If I want to work on my German, what are some fun things to read? News, culture, lefty stuff, feminism? I'm past a beginner reading level but also very out of practice

Did you know you can sing "Seeing Like A State" to the tune of "Leader of the Pack" (vroom vroom)?

If you like(d) Firesign Theater, 6 episodes of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme are streamable now, with (variously) 1-29 days left to listen

Orwell's "Decline of the English Murder" , many of Andy Rooney's "60 Minutes" pieces, and @jon_bois's "Chart Party" are examples of a genre I love: investigative comedy

Nominations are now open for the Open Source Initiative Board of Directors, and close March 2nd. Molly de Blanc wants you to run.

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I think #17776 was ~25,000 words and 28:30 running time. Which Hugo category? (Yes, I've written the award administrators.)

I'll be sending out the Changeset email newsletter tomorrow. To get it, subscribe at