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there has been some confusion among my foreign friends about the names and locations of the states. i, a resident of the usa, have decided to make this handy map to clear up any confusion :)

The members survey I did for the OSI is now public!

Curious about who is a member of OSI and what they care about? Take a look at our membership survey!


Because it's World AIDS Day, today I want to tell you a story about Thanksgiving, food, breaking and remaking tradition, and family. Caution: death because of AIDS.

It's on my blog as and it's on birdsite as .

It's #GivingTuesday & we know that many charities are asking for your support on this day. We know it's a tough decision to select among so many good causes, but we hope you'll consider us in your giving plans. Here's a summary of our 2020 accomplishments:

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I feel like I ask this every 6 months, but what's an alternative to that would actually ship to Switzerland?

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Using the new pip 20.3
and find it's taking a lot longer?

* read our guide to reducing backtracking

* report it to us at

* temp switch to old resolver behavior: use flag `--use-deprecated=legacy-resolver`

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When PEP 621 is implemented in setuptools, using PEP 621 for your metadata spec will also work (and is probably the best option):

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With the right implementation in setuptools, 90% of packages will start cutting releases with reliable dependency metadata without any action needed by their maintainers.

You can ensure that your package will have properly annotated reliable metadata by either:

Specifying install_requires in setup.cfg or by using literals in your If you have conditional dependencies, use environment markers:

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For some background on one problem this solves, see ‘s 2018 article “Why PyPI Doesn’t Know Your Project’s Dependencies”:

PEP 643 can’t 100% fix this, but it makes it possible for a project to indicate that it doesn’t have this failure mode.

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I am happy to announce that I have accepted PEP 643: Metadata for Package Source Distributions, which has the potential to dramatically simplify Python package metadata resolution in the future.

Soon you may be able to build reliable dependency graphs!

Are there any anarchist collectives offering hosting for things like mastodon and email?

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boosting @`ThePyPA pip 20.3 is out. See for what's new (including the dependency resolver) and how to migrate. Thanks @`ChanZuckerberg and @`mozilla for funding!

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PyPI went online in late 2002, but easy_install wasn’t released until 2004.

Does anyone know how people installed stuff from PyPI before then? Did you download an sdist and unzip it manually?

I don’t even see a download link on this wayback snapshot:

Working on my "how to get open source projects unstuck" book project - it struck me how nice it would be if I could

* snapshot a sample FLOSS project, complete with messy old issues, docs, list archives
* replicate it in self-serve instances for exercises

Is there already an easy way to do this?

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Pre-order active: Leonard Richardson's Situation Normal, satirical yet deeply poignant mil space opera. Paperback & ebook at Amazon, B&N, Kobo. Ongoing giveaway,
. SN got high praise from & @`ALA_Booklist
. Launches Dec 14! @leonardr

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Pro tip: If you’re ever in a book club, but you haven’t read the book, just say, “I thought the allegory for the Catholic Church was a bit ham-handed.”

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