Hey fellow academics! I'm considering buying a #remarkable2. I could use feedback on how usable it is for conducting paper #reviews, especially for double column papers, which are notoriously annoying to read on (other) #ebook readers. TIA! #academiclife

Bump for any recommendations from the day crowd on here, please.

I’d like to pay for a hour or so’s (remote, just for me) training on LibreOffice Impress, and recommendations / leads would be really welcome.

QT neil_neilzone: Who knows someone who / a business which offers an hour or so’s specific one-on-one training / hand-holding on @libreoffice Impress, via jitsi, in English?

@KittyUnpretty btw have I already recommended indiebound.org/book/9781982114 to you? Funny, a lot of stuff you probably already know, I've loved the author's blogging for years

My challenge to web developers is this: I should be able to type as fast into your text input as I can into a plain-old <input> or <textarea> with no JavaScript handlers on them. If I can't, then the event handlers should be debounced, and/or they should do less JavaScript work.

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boost from birdsite, US, trans health care 

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If any trans person reading this is in the US and needs a letter from a therapist to get some kind of gender-affirming care, I was given a list of therapists who have agreed to write such a letter after a single session. Please feel free to DM me for it.

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boost from birdsite, request for e-reader recommendations 

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Anyone out there use an e-reader for reading papers in PDF? If so, what kind and do you like/recommend? Have been thinking it would be nice to have an eye-friendly and sunlight-friendly option other than printing. Color e-ink now exists--have you tried it? (please RT)

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OK, Lazyweb, I need some software. I would like a person to be able to:

Fill out a web form,
Endure a modest captcha, and
Validate an email to put the form data in a queue.

As an admin, I would like to review what's in the queue, maybe tweak it, and click a button to post it to something WordPressy.

I'd rather not roll my own, but do want 100% self-hosted, _not_ containerized, and I put a very high premium on understandable simplicity.

What do I want?

I may be reaching a bit, but does anyone know of a good application on Android platforms for editing org-mode (.org) files? The solutions I currently have are:

- Some specially-made app
- Use emacs via Termux

If anyone has a recommendation for an app that's free and does not require rooting the phone, I'd appreciate it. Boosts appreciated!

Ok, I’m looking for recommendations on the #fantasy novels—the fatter the better.

I’ve read the wheel of time, a song of ice and fire, the stormlight archive, kingkiller chronicles, etc etc. The popular stuff I guess. Would really enjoy reading something by women and/or people of color.

But the really important thing is that they’re BIG. And also that they’re on Libby lol.

Thanks in advance.

the jacket liner I was actually *looking* for, and did not find, went with an album which may be titled either "Streetnote" or "Streetnote San Francisco".

The only trace I can find of this album on the web is a partial crawl of the record label's website, web.archive.org/web/2003071804 but unfortunately it was one of those early-2000s image-and-table sites and the Wayback Machine didn't preserve any of the images so it's useless.

Anyone got a track listing for this thing?

is there anything to stop me from putting my dropbox folder inside my onedrive folder. will something explode. it feels like something might explode but i really want to try it.

My employer, Freedom of the Press Foundation, is looking for a web design firm to partner with for a redesign of one of our flagship projects, the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker.

This is a pretty cool opportunity to do mission-driven design work -- please help pass it along to design firms who you think could be a good fit.

Budget is $40-$50K. Note that we have an internal web dev team, so the focus here is on the design.


question about pet death 

does anyone have resources that were helpful to them? about deciding when to euthanize or dealing with grief or whatnot. my dog is close to the end

"To avoid erroneous assumptions, the default interpretation of the data should be that the data is incomplete" - p. 12 of the new Minimum Elements For a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) report ntia.gov/blog/2021/ntia-releas , and perhaps more widely applicable

I have so much admiration for flowers which manage to grow in the cracks in the pavement.

Interested in shadowing an award-winning editorial team, then taking over an indie monthly scifi/fantasy magazine for a year? mermaidsmonthly.com/take-the-h Apply by July 15th.

More context: mermaidsmonthly.com/2021/04/20

Just typo'ed a servername while reconnecting to an IRC channel, and accidentally put in libera dot net instead of the correct dot chat, and you wouldn't believe where I found myself: Back on Freenode. Who've apparently secured that domain, and are using it to try to trick people back on to their services.

calorie foo 

@darius @cwebber Ooh I know this one! This is a rounding thing, because calorie counts are estimates anyway so they don't want to be deceptively precise.

So you end up with this when it's something like, 94 kcal = 90 rounded, 188 kcal = 190 rounded

calorie foo 

@cwebber I have a bad habit of doing mental checksums on nutrition labels and the math very often doesn't work out

Maintainers: what makes a successful open source project, to you?

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