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Luis Villa:
The term ‘bus factor’ has bothered me since we started Tidelift
—because buses are (basically) never the cause of bad project health! So I wrote about it—and my slightly tongue-in-cheek suggested replacement, boss factor.

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Some thoughts about how I got there: a conversation with GH’s
at OSLS helped crystallize the problem for me. She asked “what’s the best metric that predicts project failure”, and I said that my intuition was that it was not anything visible in GH’s metrics.

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@brainwane I was asked to do something similar (maybe the inverse): indicators of OSS project health.

We came up with a lot of indicators not tracked by GH: release discipline; documentation completeness; ability to build HEAD without errors or warnings or failing tests; test coverage; responsiveness to outside contributions; diversity of contributors (affiliation, etc); various things related to risk or tech debt of third-party dependencies

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@brainwane no I hadn’t, thanks, I will check it out.

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