At PyCon 2019 I chaired "The Art Of Python". People laughed & cried at theater, song & video about programming.

Want to step up to lead it so it'll repeat in 2020? is a HOWTO & retrospective. Hatchery proposals close 3 Jan 2020.

boosting Kalila Shapiro

Hoping to take over co-organizing Art of Python at @pycon
from @brainwane
. Anyone else want to volunteer with me?

More info:


Thank you Kalila Shapiro & Liz Moy for stepping forward to lead "The Art of Python" for PyCon 2020 .

What a joy that, next year, we'll see , , & PyCon North Amer (& more?) showcase theatrical/musical performances about making tech!

@brainwane Perl conferences have musical lighting talks for a long time as well.

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